Halo 4 Sets Two Australian Sales Records

Tynan Muddle at writes: Australia continued the global success of Halo 4 setting two new local records. In its first week Halo 4 has become the largest ever Halo launch in Australia as well as the largest Xbox 360 game launch of 2012.

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tigertron2651d ago

Well deserved, now if only Halo 4 could do the same in the UK which is Fifa and COD dominated...

bubblebeam2651d ago

I knew it was big. At my EB games midnight launch, the carpark was packed. Bigger than the Halo Reach AND Gears 3 midnight launch put together. I was amazed at the amount of dedicated gamers.

Although I don't buy the CoD games, they are also great at generating publicity for games (it was even in the paper :).

If only more games got midnight launches here :(

Stoppokingme2651d ago

I know what you mean. I went to the midnight launch at EB and there was so many people i waited in line for an hour before i got my copy.

I should've got the console pack. Damn that xbox looks sweet.

lastofgen2650d ago

great to hear. the game is definitely awesome.