Famitsu review scores (11/13/12) – Pokemon, E.X. Troopers

This week's Famitsu reviews include near-perfect scores for Pokemon and Black Ops II, first score for E.X. Troopers and Sony's Minna no Golf 6, and more.

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YoungPlex2655d ago

Wow, E.X. Troopers on the 3DS outscored its big brother on the PS3! Pretty crazy...

sinncross2655d ago

Well to be fair, unless their is extra content or something on the 3DS version, the game doesn't exactly look like it uses the PS3's power that much in terms of graphical prowess.

That could explain why the 3DS scored better... the games are scored against other software on the same system, not against each other. But really good score, I want to get hold of this asap.

izumo_lee2655d ago

The game was made on the 3DS since it is the lead platform for that game. So the PS3 version is basically an updated port of it hence the lower score.

metroid322655d ago

Yes but the ps3 is more powerful and the 3ds scored more in graphics port or no port the ps3 should be able to do an upgraded port but failed to impress that's what has me.

WiiU has lots of ports but they all add bells and whistles to the game and make it the superior/DC version of the same game shouldnt the ps3 be able to do that in this case oh well 3ds is looking good i'm waiting for the final version 3DS Pro or something hopefully with HD/3D before i get 1.

GribbleGrunger2655d ago

Because, unlike the Vita, the 3DS is reviewed as a handheld and the games aren't compared to their console counterpart. That's how it should be done... on the Vita too

ronin4life2655d ago

The Games are reviewed as Games, nothing more. This mystical reviewers discrepancy doesn't exist, at least not in a way that greatly affects the outcomes of the reviews in question.

And even if it did, Making, advertising and constantly bragging that your system is meant to be a "portable home console" is going to make people compare you to... a home console. Especially when such a strong amount of your library contains Multi platform titles also releasing on your home console equivalent.

metroid322655d ago (Edited 2655d ago )

The vita is reviewed as a handheld as the games are not worthy of being a direct competition for Home consoles and so is the 3ds get a grip the 3ds has better games and that's that they both get reviewed with handheld gaming in mind.

EX troopers scored more on graphics than ps3 version wow that is a serious up for 3ds and 3ds going foward as Capcom have already made the best games on that platform besides Ninty and have lots more in the pipeline with a new Resident evil in the works and MH4 and MH3 Ultimate wow.

izumo_lee2655d ago

Not knocking the 3DS cause it is a very viable platform as it has shown so far. However when a console game has lower graphics quality than a handheld that is indicative of the quality that the developer (in this case Capcom) has become in developing their games.

Sure Capcom is all friendly with Nintendo now but eventually even Nintendo is going to deal with the shortcuts that Capcom will likely do what they have done to PS3/XB360 users this gen.

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