GTA Meets Morrowind In First True Emergent PRG 'Sui Generis'

"Sui Generis is a game built on emergence and the player’s motivation, rather than the distant desires of a protagonist. Everything in the world exists because of events leading up to that moment. Layered with a rich history, your goal is to write your own destiny, exploring the world and experiencing events as they happen. Quests and the like do not wait for the player. Like a true living and breathing world, it exists, and the world does not revolve around the player." - Emerson Smith

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Irishguy952657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

Hahaha the way the characters move is hilarious

But it looks bad*** besides that

SnakeYukin2657d ago

Looks neat, though the way the characters swing their weapons look a little weird.