TGC Review: Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified

Call of Duty on the go has been a longing wish for most players of the hit franchise. While there are portable iterations, Call of Duty: Roads to Victory, the DS titles and a couple of iOS and Android zombie games, none have provided the thrills that fans have come to expect.

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Snookies122169d ago

Man, another bad review...

psvitamanfan2169d ago

Shame because it looked like it mite have been decent. Suppose we have to wait till killzone...

Snookies122169d ago (Edited 2169d ago )

Yeah, I can't say personally whether it's any good or not, but I may give it a try at some point to see for myself. Even with "bad" games, there will be people who find they love them. I know I have many times on games that were poorly received.

ronin4life2169d ago

I think that depends on why they were "bad". A game hampered by awful design choices or bugs and glitches is more a matter of a poorly made product, while some games can have unconventional designs that are not compatible with some people that result in "low" scores.

I'm not making a comment on this game in question in this reply. Just some thought on game quality discrepancy in reviews and opinions.

SilentNegotiator2169d ago

Two no-name sites give it a bad score before the game is released anywhere in the world.

Grain of salt.

Not that I'm expecting Declassified to be amazing. And lots of sites will attack it for simply being a portable, cheaper version of the game like so many Vita titles have been.

psvitamanfan2169d ago

actually the game came out the same day as Black Ops 2, plus the street date got broken

Awesome_Gamer2169d ago

Waiting for Killzone:Merc, it's the only first person shooter series i ever cared about anyway, CoD is trash.

NewMonday2168d ago

The user opinions mostly like the game, and the recent
videos look nice , and I just have a urge to get it despite not being a CoD fan.

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Raccoon2169d ago

Best FPS on a handheld....

bigbearsack2169d ago

I just watched a video on some multi and it looked cool

HarryMasonHerpderp2168d ago

To be fair I've never even heard of this site and I knew they were going to compare it to the console version which is dumb because I want to know what it's like on the Vita not on a console.
Anyway I'm still interested in this and hopefully we see some better scores, If not then I'll still rent it to see for myself.

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seanjohn0042169d ago

Screw these reviews. Coming from someone who spent the 50 bucks and has my WII U arriving in a few days, COD Declassified is the best handheld CoD ever hands down. If you enjoyed Black ops Multiplayer and want it anywhere at anytime, you should pick this game up.

SaffronCurse2169d ago

Right on!

I was surprised how good the mp was,considering these were the same guys who produced Burning skies (which was awful).

Gamer19822168d ago

Its practically the same as other COD games so if this one is really a 4.5 then the other games are too I say.

Muffins12232166d ago

Not really?All i said that both the 360 and the ps3 where holding it back.How am i a fanboy?For saying they where equal lol? wtf

Also blocking someone is the pussy way of saying "i lost the argument"


belac092169d ago

i think it looks great, all these hipster reviewers on N4G are comparing it to console versions, without even playing it yet i can tell its the best COD handheld by far.

admiralvic2169d ago

While true, does it really mean anything if the other titles are for the DS, iOS / Android or PSP? 2 Thumbsticks + Online multiplayer = pretty easy best.

Kingthrash3602169d ago

Are u blaming the vita for being a better handheld? Are the people who reviewed the game right for giving this game a worse review than some of the other handheld versions if cod when this is clearly the best handheld version? Are they saying resistance is better? Please answer this post haste.

admiralvic2169d ago

You can compare random sites, but unless the same person says it... your point is moot. All I am saying is that it's not hard to be the best version when it's the closest to the console experience.

CanadianTurtle2169d ago

What do you expect from a junk developer like Nhilistic.

chrisarsenalsavart2169d ago

Did you even bother to play the game or are you just talking crap as always.
I did play the game and it s COD on the go and nothing comes close on any handheld.
So go and play with your 3ds and stop trolling about every single vita games.

swansong2169d ago

The game is much better than RBS, and I would personally give it a 7.5. Playing it all day, best FPS on any handheld system.

objdadon2169d ago

This shit is getting very repetitive! The vita game hate is insane! I had my fears when I saw the first trailer but since I've had it in the palm of my hand I now know that these reviews are just hate! This game is fun as Hell if u like cod! Trust me! Make your own determination!

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