Gamekult review: Call of Duty Black Ops II

With BO2, Treyarch confirms its growing mastery of the series, and delivers a solid, classic multiplayer installment, together with a more surprising solo component.
Intense and fairly long, the campaign can't match a screenplay that feels too grand for such a game, but sensations are good controler in hand, and the narrative freedom is appreciable.
The action itself hasn't changed too much. The abundance of scripts, and some far fetched situations, will keep their detractors.
But one thing is for sure, for Treyarch, this is the day of confirmation.
And for COD, it might be the beginning of an evolution.

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CynicalKelly3267d ago

4/10 The game introduced some pretty cool things and maps are better than previous games but they took away the need to Aim down the sight. Worth £20, wait until the masses start trading it back in.