OXCGN’s Halo 4 Review: Reclaiming the Chief



The innovator and father of the modern console FPS.
Eleven years ago, Halo under Bungie redefined what was possible with a shooter on consoles.

Now, with new developer 343 Industries at the helm of a new trilogy, the fate of the Master Chief is in the hands of the world.

Luckily 343 hits the mark and the Chief will live to fight many more days."

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gaminoz2165d ago

I'm glad someone besides Bungie can do the series justice.

Proeliator2165d ago

This won't leave my disc tray for a very long time.

DeusExer2165d ago

I love how the Holograms T-bag dead players in multiplayer.

Now that's attention to detail.

BadCircuit2165d ago

T bagging....there's tradition.