Buy Call of Duty Black Ops: Declassified and get Roads to Victory

Gamers who purchase Declassified will also get a downloadable code for Call of Duty Roads to Victory, which was a pretty well received PSP game.

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DrDeath2656d ago

Yup but not the psn downloadable. Which is BS especially since it doesn't have the usual discount for buying a digital only. Like wtf they should send out codes to anyone who purchased it off psn. Not too big a deal but Total BS none the less

mclean_5142656d ago

Exactly, I bought a digital copy copy as well and didnt get any code.

vitullo312656d ago

That seems pretty stupid

jesta2656d ago

I bought the retail version from Game UK yesterday and didn't get this.

Kingthrash3602656d ago

Dam I got played. I downloaded mine too.... Oh well I'm still enjoying declassified