Be warned: one reviewer finishes Black Ops Declassified in 42 minutes

PSU writes:

"While our review of Call of Duty: Black Ops II is live right now for your reading pleasure, you won't find the same thing for Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified, the series' debut on PlayStation Vita. That's because Activision failed to provide press outlets with review copies of the game, and while we're working on a review of the final retail copy, early impressions from another press outlet should give you some idea of the value proposition that Black Ops Declassified makes."

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TOGC2651d ago

on Easy or whatever they call it.

Yi-Long2651d ago

... it's ridiculous.

I've played demos that lasted longer!

NewMonday2651d ago

getting this for SP is the wrong decision, this is for MP lovers.

gta28002651d ago

Not that I'm defending this game...but I highly doubt any people buying this will be buying it for it's campaign. Most of the people I know buy every single Call of Duty and have never beaten even beaten it's campaign...smh.

Ares84HU2651d ago

People who are defending this game saying that this is for mp gaming are wrong.

It doesn't excuse a 42minute story mode. No one should buy this game. People who made this should be very, very ashamed!

Baka-akaB2651d ago

"getting this for SP is the wrong decision, this is for MP lovers. "

If they are going to decide that , then sell the game in parts and cheaper .

All i know is i played Cod 4MW initially for its rather neat campaign and none of the following game had a significantly better mp ... so it's an excuse .

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Godchild10202651d ago (Edited 2651d ago )

The reviewer had to have played on regular difficulty. The game is not long and can be beaten in under an hour if playing on the lowest difficulty and rushing.

I started playing on Veteran and it took almost an hour to beat the first level and the second ia a pain, because its timed and you cant kill any of the hostages in that level and well the bullets do more damage to you. The lack of a cover system kind of sucks.

The game is far better than Resistance Burning Skies. I personally got more then 7 hours in and still haven't completed the campaign nor have I touched the MP. I tackled some of the mission related trophies and played each level on regular and after on Veteran before moving on to the next level.

imXify2651d ago

I doubt it, ennemies glitch/prefire/aimbot you to death even on easy

NYC_Gamer2651d ago

I doubt reviewers play games on hard

admiralvic2651d ago

Assuming this is Kyle, then it definitely wasn't done on Veteran. I am playing on Vet and even if the game is only an hour long... Vet will add hours to your play time. It's so easy to fail that you will keep, keep, keep, keep, keep retrying.

Snookies122651d ago

It doesn't matter what difficulty this is, the fact is that you're getting an hour of gameplay for a campaign? What the hell? Yet they have the nerve to price this 10 dollars over regular Vita games? I don't care how the multi-player is, make it an online only game if that's the case...

Slyfamous2650d ago

Dude, play the game and see for your self if it is less than an hour, dont comment on something you know nothing about. I can assure you it has allot more than just an hour SP.

lastdual2651d ago

This is like the guy who beat Dishonored in 4 hours - it's not really anything to go by.

Anyone can dial down a game's difficulty and run recklessly for the next objective, but that's not a realistic measure of campaign length.

princejb1342650d ago

this is mainly a multiplayer game
i dont even know why they add single player if its sucks or to short

glennco2650d ago

CoD has always been equally about the SP

darkziosj2650d ago (Edited 2650d ago )

mp players sure will love this with a 4 vs 4 max match for 50$ hahaah

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Blastoise2651d ago

Ouch. That's not good. After all the video's that seemed to show an improvement over what we saw at E3.

Oh well, just buy playstation plus and get Gravity rush and Uncharted for the same price :P

TheFirstClassic2651d ago

Man plus on ps3 AND vita is going to be awesome. Just when you thought plus couldn't get any better, and I didn't expect them to start out with two of Vita's best games. That should help some people jump to Vita. It will for me.

Vip3r2651d ago

What, did they actually expect a thrilling, well thought-out and lengthy storyline from a COD game?

That ended after COD4.

TheFirstClassic2651d ago

Well even after cod4 the campaigns were still way more than an hour.

Vip3r2651d ago

Yeah but they just rushed this in the Vita for a cheap (quality wise) mobile COD experiance. That and to get it out along with BO2 for maximun profits. Just in time for Christmas too.

That and most people will be online for the most part.

Or so Activision thinks. It doesn't care. It just wants more milk from the same old cash cow since 2003.

GraveLord2651d ago

This Vita game has no storyline. Just missions. Think: Spec OPs. Oh and also multiplayer.

HammadTheBeast2651d ago

Black ops 2 so far is the true successor to CoD 4. It took them four more games, but Treyarch managed to finally create a decent game.

SeraphimBlade2651d ago

Oh well. Guess it's not worth our money. Hey! Let's all forget about it and go buy Persona 4 Golden instead!


Tired2651d ago

I was lead to believe the majority of COD players barely ever touched the SP campaigns.

Though that's the only part of them I'e ever bothered playing.