Walmart releases 6 Wii U games 5 days early

Have you always wanted to own games for a system almost a week before you could play them on the console they were developed for? You are in luck if you have! Because Walmart put out six new Wii U games for purchase at midnight on the 13th of November.

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Sniperwithacause2653d ago

Yep I seen them there today. All 3rd party titles.

Dovahkiin2653d ago

If only Walmart weren't a reliable revenue stream for publishers... I'm sure they'd look elsewhere for people to sell their game.

Wagz222652d ago

I work at gamestop and we did the same thing, I think the release dates were lifted which means were allowed to sell them anytime. Just saying it was probably done universally.

Sniperwithacause2652d ago

Well after doing some thinking. With the system being released on a sunday and most games come out on Tuesday....... wouldnt be much of a launch title if u still had to wait two day after the system. So it only makes sense for 3rd parties to go ahead and release it before hand to make sure the game is available for the launch.

spurgeonryan2652d ago

ACtually it was 8 games. The other two were not added until later that day.

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