Xbox 360 version of LEGO The Lord of the Rings facing recall

It seems that Activision and Electronic Arts aren't the only publishers dealing with a shipping screwup, as some copies of the Xbox 360 version of LEGO The Lord of the Rings has shipped with a demo disc.

This was revealed by a GameStop employee who stated that thanks to a bad shipment, Warner Bros. Interactive is planning to recall the game. This was confirmed by a Game Informer editor who purchased a retail copy and found a demo disc in the package.

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TOGC2658d ago

I can confirm this, where I work people were returning the one messes up like this I don't know to be honest...

barb_wire2658d ago

Well, a member over on Cheap Ass Gamer has stated when he bought the 360 version it had the demo sticker on it.. but he claims it's the full game as he's already gone through several levels with his son and that the game doesn't say DEMO on the title screen, like past LEGO demo's have.

Bathyj2658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

You shall not pass......the first level.

GraveLord2658d ago

I can safely say the PS3 version will sell more :D

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