IHS: Wii U will sell 3.5 million units in 2012 We’re now less than a week away from the launch of the Wii U, and you can bet that Nintendo has fingers crossed for a big holiday season. A new report from IHS claims that Nintendo will have the successful holiday season it wants and then some, predicting that the Wii U will have sold 3.5 million units worldwide by the time 2012 comes to a close. That’s 3.5 million sales in just about five weeks, which definitely isn’t anything to stick your nose up at.

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LX-General-Kaos2661d ago (Edited 2661d ago )

That's a fair and respectable amount.

3.5 million in such a short amount of time will be good for business, and move alot of the properly developed launch titles from shelves from early adopters. Granting the Nintendo Wii U entertainment system a nice push boost toward a sizeable install base throughout 2013.

If Nintendo is correct with their prediction then this is a good sign for business. Which will effectively put the Nintendo Wii U entertainment system at a higher install base than even recently released competing platforms in a matter of weeks. While at the same time increasing brand recognition, and increased developer support for those on the fence. I see a positive future indeed.

Nintendo's early lead for units sold in the next generation spectrum can play a huge role for dev decisions on where they choose to place 3rd party exclusives. Nintendo outing first also gives early devs time experiment with the Nintendo Wii U entertainment system tablet control functions with interruption free from competing next Gen platforms. Which could potentially force 3rd party would be multiplat offerings to remain exclusive by default if others do not come standard with the same tablet like functions.

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PopRocks3592661d ago

I think your starting sentence was enough to suffice. Ah well. I'll take your positive essays over this community's usual negative stupidity.

TheLyonKing2661d ago

With the general thought that they are going to run out and nintendos loyal fan base 3.5 million seems likely and if not by 2012 easily by end in January

UltraVegito2661d ago

Those are some pretty decent numbers.

seanpitt232660d ago

Optimistic there must be more Nintendo lovers out there than I first thought but saying that my first ever console when I was 6 years old now 27 was the almighty Nintendo I had some good times with Mario and duck hunt etc. But sadly I won't be getting the WIIU Iam loyal to Sony and will always be with Sony

FlairSomewhere2660d ago

So if you had the money, you still would only choose a playstation?

Brand loyalty is just defending your choice on a limited budget.

seanpitt232660d ago

If money didn't matter then I would buy every console and a top gaming pc but I haven't and I have stuck with Sony playstation for a decade now so I will be buying the ps4 when it comes out your right people have a budget and normally stick to one brand but I like how Sony does things as a company they are not as greedy as Microsoft and bring out better quality equipment that's why I like supporting them because they are having a bad time at the minute with massive losses.

WiiUalpha2660d ago

NO offense Seanpitt, but it is that type of thinking that had Sony release a 600.00 console. People like are ewhy they say millions will buy regardless. It's honestly kinda sad that you cant wait and judge something for yourself andjust buy it blindly based on name alone.