Watch Hitman: Absolution's first level on 'Purist' difficulty

Agent 47 is aided by several systems in Hitman: Absolution, including a handy radar, health meters, and a limited "Instinct" feature that highlights crucial information in the environment. But in the game's most difficult setting, dubbed "Purist," these elements have been turned off.

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hiredhelp2652d ago

Cant wait next monday .....

ArchangelMike2652d ago

Oh man, must... not Spoilers....


Cam9772652d ago

I still play HM2 nevermind BM and C!
When I get my hands on this beast, I'm going to tear it apart. Certainly one of my favourite game series ever.

Oh, I held off watching the video. This and GTAV are my dreams.

472652d ago


PersonMan2652d ago

I've never played a Hitman game. Don't know what to expect yet.

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The story is too old to be commented.