Borderlands 2 PC Patch Version 1.2.0 Released Today

Hopefully you’re settled in and ready to read because the latest Borderlands 2 PCpatch, 1.2.0, contains a lot of different fixes and changes to look through.

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BringingTheThunder2663d ago

i'd hate to be the person who does all the coding for these patches

RXL2662d ago (Edited 2662d ago )

heard they nerfed the Bee shield =(

and why is this in "All" when it's a PC patch?

RXL2662d ago

the story here on N4G is under the tab "all" when it's just a pc patch..

excuse my ignorance but shouldn't it be under pc?..

unless the patch was released for all the consoles than alrighty..

i could be wrong tho..not sure how stuff works on here anymore lol

Bimkoblerutso2662d ago

Because "all" means everything. The pc is sort of part of...everything, just like everything else is part of everything.

TrendyGamers2662d ago

It's under 'all' because all covers every single news piece. If you go to Xbox 360 or PS3, it won't be there.

Megaton2662d ago

They did nerf The Bee. Farming Terramorphous for his terrible drops is completely pointless now. It was only tolerable in the first place because it was really fast and easy with certain equipment.

Gearbox acts like this is an MMO, and they need to remember that it isn't. I hope all of the whiners crying and moaning for a nerf to The Bee are happy, because they just dealt a huge blow to the community of raiders who actually dumped serious mileage into this game.

Tetsujin2662d ago

My problem with The Bee is it requires full shield and certain weapons to even do high amounts of damage; and now it's another shield that will be sold for inventory space. Some of the mission/quest fixes I do like, however nerfing certain weapons and armor just because a few people whine about it doesn't help balance the game; just makes people find something new to chase after and overuse.

If gearbox is reading this, fix the freaking drop rate of heads from Henry, Vermirious (sp), and H3R3-L (sp)

iamgoatman2662d ago

I think nerfing the Bee would only be acceptable if they improved rare drop rates, which needs to happen anyway, but at least then you wouldn't have to farm a boss for days just to get a specific weapon. Because now with the nerf that process takes even longer as you can't take down a boss as quickly anymore.

But really, as you said along with many people on the Gearbox forums, this isn't an MMO or even a competitive FPS and Gearbox has to stop thinking that it is. So who cares if a particular item is overpowered? Just don't use it, and if you're playing strangers and they are, find another game.

Megaton2662d ago

Tetsujin, if you need skins/heads and play on PC, PM me. I'll send you a save with all of them.

AKS2662d ago

I don't understand why they screwed up the recharge rate and whatnot with The Bee. It already had low health. The key "problem" was that it did an insane amount of damage that could wipe out bosses in seconds. Just scale back the amp bonus but leave the rest alone.

The idea should be to keep it from being massively overpowered, not make it useless.

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Relientk772662d ago

Nice, frickin awesome game

Megaton2662d ago

Summary: they ruined the game.

Plagasx2662d ago

Does this fix the massive slowdowns in the vanilla game?