Epic expects next-gen dev costs to double

GIB:Games for the next-generation consoles and PCs will come with suitably next-generation price tags. In a keynote address at the Montreal International Game Summit today, attended by GamesIndustry International, Epic Games chief technology officer Tim Sweeney said he expects Epic to be able to build next-gen titles for “only about double the cost” of games from the start of the current generation.

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Neonridr2657d ago

Let's see how eager developers are to want to work on the 720 or PS4 knowing that they may have to spend twice as much on costs.

LOGICWINS2657d ago

Correct. Devs are in no rush. The COD franchise has proven that theres a stark majority of PS3/360 gamers that don't give a hoot about massive power increases. COD games have been running on the same engine since COD4 in 2007 and they still sell like McDonalds hotcakes.

Npugz72657d ago

Haha I'm eating them right now!

LX-General-Kaos2657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

If dev costs double, prepare to see many studios go under in the coming years. Only the most popular will Survive. Good luck and good fight to all.

The industry will be put in a position where it will be increasingly difficult to take risc, and innovate games. It seems that only shooters, and sports will be safe from dark times. New IPs will be looked at as taking a massive leap of faith. I hope for the sake of the industry that prices remain similar to develop.

For some we might even see the price of retail games climb upward. Which could potentially prove to be devastating for developers, and the consumer. It has already been proven that people love to brag about tech in the console world, but are hard pressed to pay for it when available. Advanced tech comes at an advanced price.

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Anon19742657d ago

Bang on. As costs go up, expect to see devs take fewer and fewer chances.

zebramocha2657d ago

That's bs,cost is based of what a developer wants and what the engine can accomplish.

LOGICWINS2657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

@kaos and darkride666- Spot on. I'm reverting back to portable gaming for the formidable future in 2-3 years. Dev costs are lower for portable games, so they're likely to take more chances to innovate.

ShaunCameron2657d ago

@ darkride66

Developers will take chances. It's just that they'll most likely be restricted to established IP's. You know, teach an old dog new tricks?

papashango2656d ago

They'd give up on consoles at least. There's plenty of money to be made on steam. I hope this happens

LX-General-Kaos2656d ago


I have a gaming PC that I rarely use. I think its about time to give it another spin.

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fermcr2657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

Developers are already starting to make bullsh*t excuses to increase game prices.
If games next gen increase in price (probably be 100€), then I'm finished with consoles.

turgore2657d ago

They don't have to. PC gaming looks incredible today and it doesn't cost more to produce a PC game than a console game.
Like it doesn't cost extra to use high res textures and run the game at 60fps.

Eldyraen2657d ago

Yeah, I know they don't make but a fraction of their revenue from PC but somehow PC games are "usually" cheaper to buy and look better on top of it. Granted most PC games aren't on new generation engines either but the same sort of logic should apply.

vortis2657d ago


Spot on.

But even if they're not on "new generation" engines, I'm looking at stuff like StarForge and DayZ and Mak and those games look better than most stuff on consoles and have innovative features and best of all, THEY'RE CHEAP!

If AAA devs want to throw double the money down the drain and raise prices and make everything extremely expensive, fine, do that...I'll just stick with REAL gaming on a PC where the games are fun, cheap, the multiplayer is free and mods allow for infinite replayability.

DragonPrince2657d ago

Hope this isn't their way of saying more DLC, shorter campaign s etc...

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2656d ago

lots of f2p console games mark my words..

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NYC_Gamer2657d ago

The much smaller studios might need to make use of digital only releases next gen

iamnsuperman2657d ago

Well that would mean almost no new big ips and two big sides to gaming. The smaller download side and the big AAA games (this isn't a bad thing)

tehpees32657d ago

In that case developers that ignore Wii U can enjoy bankruptcy. Anyone being realistic knows this will have a terrible impact on consumers.

As I have said all along. A stop gap generation is what is best.

It benefits manufacturers for maximum profits.
It benefits consumers for prices of consoles, games and DLC.
It benefits developers who want to earn back money they lost due to the new engines they built several years ago.

Forget power. I don't want companies sinking just because a minority of customers want massive power increases.

Nutsack2657d ago

Yup, they can port the current gen library to the WiiU for little monies. More old games like Batman and Mass Effect for WiiU, add some little tablet controller gameplay and easy money for the dev!

Not something a gamer would prefer...

LX-General-Kaos2657d ago

You are taking the convo to a dark place. New gaming experiences can and will be made for the Nintendo Wii U entertainment system. Just as any other console release, you see ports because this is the launch window. There are already many unique titles announced, and have been shown to the public. That is your problem if you choose to ignore them in favor of negativity. Have a good day.

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WildStyles2657d ago

Something tells me a whole bunch of "please bring games to the WiiU" posts are about to flood in.

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