Nintendo Wii U Release Date in Five Days: Console Will Not Have System-Wide Achievements "There are no Wii U accomplishments that are system wide," Slaczka said on NeoGAF. "They are up to the developers to include or not include. Scribblenauts Unlimited loosely has them in the form of 'Global Starite Shards', which is like a giant checklist of global things to spawn and do in the game that aren't area specific."

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Neonridr2661d ago

Nothing that can't be changed with an update down the road. The PS3 didn't have its trophy system until 2 years after launch. And that came in the form of a firmware update. If enough people gripe about the lack of accomplishments, I am sure we could see them added in at a later date.

iamnsuperman2661d ago

True its just a shock Nintendo have over looked quite a standard feature.

Tetsujin2661d ago

I like the idea it's up to the developer, because that way people can play how they want, without some sort of "checklist" to verify they played the game.

I still see achievements/trophies as a way to make bad games somewhat playable; and good games ruined because instead of playing for story and fun factor they're played just to get someones e-peen bigger.

Neonridr2661d ago

Totally agree. I am guilty of playing a bad game repeatedly just so I can get all the achievements in a game. I do enjoy being able to say I 100% a game, but if the option wasn't there, I wouldn't care so much.

Again, it is something that can be remedied, it's not set in stone.

Seth15332661d ago

I say we wait until we see MiiVerse before we judge. I like the idea of posting screenshots, high scores, etc on a social network with friends who can view them, make comments, or just see in general what I have done in games rather than "OMG I HAVE 100k GAMERSCORE AND YOURS IS ONLY 99k!"

The_Tr0ll172661d ago

Most likely not powerful enough.

tehpees32661d ago

Your name fits you rather well.

aquamala2661d ago

not having it is a great feature, wish I can turn it off on PS3 and 360

colonel1792661d ago

yeah, they should be optional to players! We should be able to decide which games to have them. I know it sounds like a useless request, but it would just be nice and wouldn't affect anyone.

SilentNegotiator2661d ago (Edited 2661d ago )

You can turn off notifications and pretend like they don't exist.

Excluding a standard feature is NOT a feature!

Quetzll2661d ago

Pretty sure it was Iwata, himself, who said that achievements and trophies distract from the intended experience of the game.

definitely true.

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The story is too old to be commented.