Jet Set Radio Skates To iOS And Android November 29, Vita November 20

Chris Buffa (Modojo): One of the coolest things about Sega's Dreamcast console (RIP) were the quirky and off-the-wall video games that debuted on a seemingly regular basis, with Jet Set Radio at the very top of the list. Known as Jet Grind Radio in the U.S., this cell-shaded romp sent players skating through Tokyo, sticking it to the man by spraying various areas with graffiti. Not only did the game look sweet, but the soundtrack really put this title on the proverbial map, the addition of Rob Zombie's Dragula excluded.

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CommonSenseGamer2659d ago

be interesting to see how its priced across the different platforms.

longcat2659d ago

yeah, some of the price differences are rediculous. No wonder mobile gaming is expanding.

Kane222659d ago

its free on the vita if you are a PS+ member

El_Colombiano2659d ago


El_Colombiano2659d ago

You rock that's awesome! Thanks man!

Sketchy_Galore2659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )

Love the game and love mobile gaming but this could be the perfect storm for awkward controls.