Here Are A Bunch Of Black Ops II Glitch Videos For You To Laugh At

Kotaku - It's not uncommon for a game to have bugs and glitches, just ask Bethesda. But especially when multiplayer is involved, people will dig up or stumble on some hilarious (and sometimes useful) glitches.

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Blackdeath_6632663d ago

wow glitches already? the worst thing is treyarch said the glitching would warrant a ban so if you happen to come across a glitch online like falling through the map and you happen to use that to your advantage (why wouldn't you) you can get banned for it.

DoomeDx2663d ago

Did you even watch the video?

This is not a glitch which gets you banned

Blackdeath_6632663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )

i know that. my point was that glitches are already occurring and i gave an example of a glitch that will get you banned. i am just saying that if a glitch has been found already then it's likely another glitch would happen at some point in the future.

now i do understand that most game will have some glitch or bug or whatever and that it is somewhat inevitable however to ban someone for it i think is ridiculous treyarch should just fix the glitch and all is good. to have glitching as a valid reason to ban someone is absurd as it is not the players fault that the glitch happened in the first place.

Captain Qwark 92663d ago

main reason ill never get into cod, the feet. all people ever do is shoot at the feet lol all them zombies were dropping just from foot shots, id swear it counts more than headshots!

seanpitt232663d ago

You only do feet shots with the ray gun all other weapons you go for the headshot

omarzy2663d ago

That guy was having way too much fun with those glitches.

venom062663d ago

wow.. and MoHWF got low scores for its glitches, but CoD gets 9s??? GOD i hate CoD fanboy review sites....