Peter Molyneux: Life During And After Curiosity

NowGamer: Curiosity, 22 Cans and Peter Molyneux's fascinating 'experiment' has thousands of people tapping away, but just what does Fable's creator think of the server worries and rude drawings?

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Godmars2902166d ago

You, the video game "journalist" community. You're the douches who made Molyneux the has-been he is. Sticking a mic in his face at every little thing because he made a sim game back in the day. Let him get it into his head that he *HAD* to say something profound during an interview. You're the enabler shoving drinks at the alcoholic.

Leave the man alone. Just leave him alone. At least until he actually does something.

Canary2165d ago

Let's be fair, now. Journalists are by and large a fairly respectable bunch. Well, print-journalists at least. Earning that degree takes a lot of time, skill and dedication.

Gaming journalists don't exist because none of them actually have journalism degrees. Those people get -real- jobs.