GTA V & Rockstar’s Backlash – It’s the Parents, Not the Industry

WC - Rockstar Games has undergone a vast amount of criticism, lawsuits, and overall backlash from the games they have released. Since their 1997 series starter of Grand Theft Auto to the announcement of their 2013 release Grand Theft Auto V, there have been countless articles, speeches, lawsuits, and bans fighting back against the company as well as their publishers. The argument is always the same.

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DeeZee2655d ago

I guess game ratings are useless since everyone ignores them. Seriously, I'm sick of kids messing up "M" Rated games for us adults. They shouldn't be playing them in the first place, so the parents only have themselves to blame.

josephayal2655d ago

GTA 5 can be banned in the USA

goldwyncq2655d ago

That's like saying tea can be banned in the UK.

Intentions2655d ago

its R 18 for a reason (new zealand).

jessupj2655d ago

It's a very simple concept idiot parents and politics just can't seem to grasp.

If you don't want your kid playing a violent game, don't f*cking buy them a violent game!! It's not rocket science.

MrSmith2655d ago

The ESRB rating system was created for this exact reason, yet most people/parents tend to ignore it.

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The story is too old to be commented.