Get to Know a Gamer Girl with Raychul Moore ( Last week I had the opportunity to catch up with well known cosplayer, journalist, gamer and all around cool chick, Raychul Moore. Raychul has worked with the likes of Electronic Gaming Magazine, GamePro and Machinima to name a few and has also put her own sexy spin on many famous game characters such as Kratos (God Of War), Cammy (Street Fighter) and even Snow White. So we hope you get to learn a little more about her in our interview as we talk games, Nintendo, cosplay and being a cool gamer girl.

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bwazy2659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )

I'm internally conflicted here. The above paragraph (and article) states and essentially backs up that she is indeed a gamer, but her own personal portrayal (one whom uses her gender and hobby as a sex like symbol), annoys me to no end.

But I digress, tits.

majiebeast2659d ago

Gamer chick wants to be taken serious shows as much skin as possible.


crazysammy2659d ago

I saw a skype interview with her one time about the Maxim gamer girl contest she entered. She is indeed a gamer and surrounds herself with all sides of the industry not just "playin garms!" Oh and she is beautiful which doesn't hurt at all.

MidnytRain2659d ago

I read not a single word of this interview. I came for the pics.