PlayStation Plus Expands to Vita in Style with Free Copies of Uncharted and Gravity Rush

PSBlog - "During Tokyo Game Show we announced that PlayStation Plus would be coming to PlayStation Vita in November. We are excited to reveal that PS Plus will be available on November 19th as part of the next PS Vita System Software Update (v2.00)."

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LOGICWINS2653d ago

Let me try to understand this. U pay $50 for a one year PS Plus sub, and in the FIRST month you get two games that are worth over $60? Thats a damn good deal if true.

get2sammyb2653d ago

It's incredible, isn't it?

Blastoise2653d ago (Edited 2653d ago )

Uncharted: Golden Abyss
WipEout 2048
Gravity Rush
Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs Attack
Jet Set Radio
And the PSP title Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions

Thats the list from IGN.

Awesome list of games. A lot better than I thought it was gonna be.

Playstation Plus is free for the Vita if you've already subscribed on PS3 too.

Abash2653d ago

I love PS+. It's amazing that this no extra charge to current PS+ members on PS3, we get the Vita games too!

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2653d ago

Incredible it is.

Guess I'll be sending Gravity Rush directly back to Gamefly when it comes in the mail.

zgoldenlionz2653d ago

I can't agree more, I've always enjoyed my subscription to plus but now it's just getting ridiculously awesome.

I really hope this will help people that are on the fence about the Vita to jump in and enjoy the new console.

Thank gooodness the instant game collection pretty much lived up to the hype actually I think it surpassed the hype ( I was expecting modnation or little deviants). Not to say that they won't be offered in the future.

All I know is I have a lot of games to play this holiday and my list just got a bit longer. Happy Holidays!

CalvinKlein2653d ago (Edited 2653d ago )

That are some really good games for vita PSN +, i was expecting alot worse. I already have gravity rush and was hoping to see wipeout but didnt expect to see uncharted. I havent played uncharted, wipeout, or mutant blobs and want to but I also want to buy JSR HD as well. If anything I will buy a few months of ps+ and play all these games for 25$ or whatever it is. Any free ps3 games will be a bonus as well. I gotta finish RO first tho and then AC again.

Now Im glad I didnt buy all these games right away(because sony still has some of its own 1st party games on N.A. VITA PSN store listed at higher than the MSRP of the games at all retailers for those games that got a price drop from sony earlier this year).

Gondee2653d ago

I really wanted a Vita at launch but, eh, didn't happen.

Lets say i pick one of these up, and do the PS+ (i don't have any playstaion products). After the year, if i don't choose to resubscribe, do I lose the games that i got via PS+?

zgoldenlionz2653d ago

@Gondee you will lose access to them but if you decide to renew they will work and you will be able to download them off your download list if you delete them.

Sheikh Yerbouti2653d ago

I feel guilty. I'm butt-raping Sony for its games with PS Plus.

garos822652d ago

If this is true, I'm definitely picking up a vita for Christmas.I'll still be buying my ps3 titles and once a month a get 2 free (totally awesome) games just cause I got a subscription to ps plus for vita.
I still don't understand how PlayStation gets so much hate by gaming media

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blackmamba7072653d ago

time to buy PSV I guess! thinking about getting one on xmas

and I can foresee Vita holiday sales going up like never before, nobrainer really

GribbleGrunger2653d ago

Don't wait too long. Remember that one game gets replaced every month, so if there's a game you like this month, it might not be there next month.

Sephiroushin2653d ago


If you add it to your download list it will not go away until your subscription run out, I mean even if it get removed from the IGC it will be on your download list...
So anyone w/ PS+ on PS3 that do not own a PSV yet can add those psv titles to their download list history, they'll be there when they get the PSV ( unless their subscription run out, that is it!)

Nutsack2653d ago

"GribbleGrunger + 59m ago
Don't wait too long. Remember that one game gets replaced every month, so if there's a game you like this month, it might not be there next month"

Eh, depends. If it is the instant game collection, the PS3 IGC is still there what was put out this summer. It stays there for at least a year or something. Only the free games given separately after the IGC will change each month and gone a month after.

The PS BLog website picture says Instant Game Collection, so it would mean these games will stay for the entire 1st year up till Christmas 2013.

GribbleGrunger2653d ago (Edited 2653d ago )

No, there are 12 games (called Instant game collection) at any given time you sign up for PS+ but 3 of those 12 games get replaced every month, until all the original 12 games when you signed up are gone completely. It will be the same for the Vita

edit: I made the mistake of saying only 1 game gets replaced, that's all.

Blacktric2652d ago (Edited 2652d ago )

Japanese sales results from last week:

3DS - 187k
Vita - 4k

I don't think a simple, monthly PS Plus free game promotion will skyrocket the sales at this point. Sony needs new games and ASAP and I'm not talking about ports here.

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MastaMold2653d ago

Email app, web browser update and a great ps+ line up of games for Vita what a time to be a Vita owner :)

sdozzo2653d ago

I love my Vita but I'm sure as hell not bangjng out any emails on it.

JoGam2653d ago

This news makes me so happy. The only problem is there are some people who bought these games like me and even though I'm a plus member deals like this is good for the people who waited around for price drops, specials, etc. But what about those people who buy games day one? tHis will make people like me wait to buy games which in turn can hurt Sony, gaming etc.

BakedGoods2653d ago (Edited 2653d ago )

If you're not hardcore enough and willing to wait an unknown amount of months (years?) for the possibly of [whatever] free game via PS+...well then you're just not hardcore enough.

The rest of us would be day one'ing the Uncharted's, etc. regardless.

garos822652d ago

Yeah but remember there will be tons of games coming out as the vita is still in its's not been out for even a year yet.I buy games on a regular basis day one buy I don't have time to buy all major releases day one.
I got red dead recently from ps plus and I've never played it before.such a high quality game for free mentality will continue on the vita or at least that's what Sony should keep doing.

NukaCola2653d ago

HTML5 and JAVA!!!! The internet is now fully alive!

tubers2652d ago

Oh god I hope that's what they really meant.. true HTML 5 support.. I hope it wasn't some sort of play with words. *(HTML 5 engine)

TheTwelve2653d ago

Hecka yes unbelievable


Canary2652d ago

Only if you're some kind of moronic Vita owner who somehow manages to only buy the worst games out of the handheld's rather small library.

But, yeah, free copies (re: rentals) of Uncharted and Gravity Rush should be nice for the twelve or so people who don't already own both.

Me? I'd much rather see discounts. Sony's $5 off digital copies for all Vita games is nice. You know would what be nicer? A 10-15% price cut for all digital content for PS+ subscribers, across the board (e.g. not just first-party stuff).

That would convince me to go with PS+. Letting me download games I won't be able to play if I stop paying the monthly fee just isn't very enticing to me.

I mean, hell, Sony could at least implement something like that with the PS1 and PS2 classics (not that I don't already own all the ones worth buying) if they're unwilling to do it with modern retail titles.

Snookies122652d ago

Dude, it's less than 5 dollars a month. 49.99 for a year of free games every month or so, themes, discounts, cloud storage, avatars, automatic updates, etc.

How the hell can anyone look at that and NOT say it's more than worth it?

Canary2652d ago

@Snookies: many people prefer ownership to renting.

This is why so many people take on massive amounts of debt to get a home loan instead of simply renting an apartment or duplex.

It's a psychological imperative, not a practical one. That should be obvious.

GribbleGrunger2652d ago (Edited 2652d ago )

What interests me is the effect this will have on PS3 owners and Vita owners. With both subscriptions offering you games for two systems, it could encourage people to buy the other console/handheld. Imagine you are a Vita owner and subscribe to PS+ and then when you check out what is on offer, you see the 12 free games for the PS3... that could make it a more compelling reason to then go out and buy a PS3 too; and of course, visa versa.

It also brings the two systems even closer together. Sony have already made mention of the fact that most Vita owners have a PS3 too and I think that was for a reason. If developers believe that most Vita owners also have a PS3 then they may consider offering some of the features the Wiiu has in future PS3 games... who knows, in a years time we may see a change in the multiplat landscape with Wiiu and PS3 taking the lead. Smartglass can only get you so far. It can't be used as a controller so developers may opt only to make a PS3/Vita version of a Wiiu game.

This could get very interesting even after the PS4 releases. In effect, what Sony could do is offer PS3.5 (if you will), competing with Wiiu while simultaneously releasing the PS4 to compete with the Nextbox. Sony have said on numerous occasions that Nintendo have their own generation and market. The combo, if promoted heavily through things like PS+, cross play/cross buy and adverts that show the Duelshock turn into a Vita, could bring Sony into that 'different generation' along with Nintendo, while they also enter the other generation with MS with the PS4. Interesting times ahead!

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SandWitch2653d ago

Well. That's what I call a real deal.

blackmamba7072653d ago (Edited 2653d ago )

they're scared of WiiU dominating on holiday, hence the timing of this announcement

but it's a great deal, real value, Sony stepped up their game big time

blackmamba7072653d ago

wha? I don't even.

everyone wants slice of holiday sales, Vita would nosedive comparing to other systems

but Vita will do good, thanks to PS+ deal

CommonSenseGamer2653d ago

Don't take it personal. Vita owners defend anything Vita and claim "troll" of anyone who does not agree. Does not matter how many Sony consoles or PSP models you've had, one even remotely negative slur and it brings out rampant fanboyism.

DrDeath2653d ago

Looks like ill be trading in golden abyss and getting plus

SpiralTear2653d ago

Wow. Sony is doing this thing right, especially with the cross-platform subscription of PS Plus. That's a tough deal to pass up on all fronts.

ger23962653d ago

Now I definitely need a bigger memory card.