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In an age where near photo-realistic graphics and lifelike car handling have been achieved, it’s ironic that the most casual form of racing possible (outside of maybe potato sacks) still moves product. Developers can add all the body detail and engine tuning they want, but it’s hard to beat the simple thrill of driving around in circles lopping turtle shells at go-karts. While the genre has primarily been reserved as a way of bringing pre-established gaming franchises into the racing fold, F1 Race Stars is grounded entirely in reality. Instead of a serious take on the genre, however, the game transforms real racers into the kind of characters you would expect to see driving a go-kart. It’s certainly a risk to put F1 racing bobbleheads up against outings from Sackboy and Sonic (both of which came out within the same week), but it’s one Codemasters seems confident in taking.

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