Windows 8 gaming – no faster than Windows 7

KitGuru: It is too early to claim that Microsoft have released another ‘Windows Vista’, but the public response in the enthusiast sector is certainly less than positive. Additionally, CEO Ballmer spoke out about the release of their Surface tablets – he said sales were off to a ‘modest’ start, which certainly isn’t the kind of statement that instills confidence.

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Conzul2662d ago (Edited 2662d ago ) *is* another Vista. There was nothing wrong with 7. We didn't need 8.

What do I care, I'm running Mint anyway.

Canary2662d ago

Another Vista? Good God, no. It's so much worse. It's an operating systemd designed -specifically- for tablets.

A tablet OS built around the idea of a touch-screen.

That they've ported to PC.

It's a terrible, terrible idea. For PCs at least. I'm actually excited to see how to new MS tablets turn out, because my biggest problem with iOS and Android is that they're really nowhere near as versatile as I'd like. If Windows 8 can bring Windows-level versatility and functionality to a tablet, I may just find a way to scrounge up that $600 or so.

But, considering they seem to be favoring closed-software with their own version of an AppStore, maybe that's not likely to happen.

darthv722662d ago

i kind of like it. I paid $40 for it and did the upgrade on an xp netbook. You dont HAVE to get everything via the store. I dl firefox from the web and using it right now on that very same netbook.

It didnt take me as long to warm up to it like i did 7 but then again the difference between 7 and 8 is cosmetic on the start menu. 7 and 8 are more alike than 7 and vista.

It is surprisingly speedy on this netbook where xp was getting sluggish.

jimbobwahey2662d ago

I'd say it's even worse than Vista to be honest. Windows 8 is a complete and utter mess of an operating system. I mean Vista was bad yeah, but Windows 8 is an abomination.

ThanatosDMC2662d ago

I said the same thing about how crappy Windows 8 and how bad it is for gaming i just got spammed by disagrees. They're probably from people who's actually never tried the damn thing.

Baka-akaB2662d ago (Edited 2662d ago )

Sounds more like you never tried it actually . At worst it performs like a faster booting win 7 .

It's fair and one thing to criticize the changes brought by the metro interface , wich you can completely avoid anyway ...

It's another to pretend it has perfs issues or is any worse for gaming and lie about it needing a tablet . You can just run your stuff as usual and seen with win 7 .

Vista just ran badly with almost everything , because of MS itself or drivers and didnt provide gains in anyway . It's nothing similar or worse here

Bimkoblerutso2662d ago (Edited 2662d ago )

^ It's really more about the precedent it sets for the industry. It doesn't necessarily run any slower than 7 (and in fact, the one saving grace of the OS thus far for me has been how quickly it boots), but when an app that makes things more "desktop-friendly" is almost a required download for those of us not using a touch-based system, things are not as they should be.

Vista, bad as it was, was still beneficial in the long-run because it's failures translated directly into 7's successes. 8 is a move in the complete wrong direction. It will only get worse from here because now Microsoft will be building off already superfluous features for each subsequent OS.

SkullBlade1692662d ago

I honestly rather would use Vista, it has a nicer GUI than that POS which Windows 8 calls a GUI...

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badkolo2662d ago

its windows 7 with new tablet features and a extra start screan with live tiles, other then some really minor things to moan about i dont undersdtand why people dont like it, you can use it as windows 7 with out the tiles, but if you want to experience the tiles and apps you can. nothing wrong with that and overall its faster then windows 7

Derpy2662d ago

People don't like it because it's a closed operating system. Personally I like my computer being an open system and would rather move to Linux than turn it into a close system.

Nick_5152662d ago

It's not closed. The store is closed, but it's the same as Windows 7 outside of that and added features.

b-real2662d ago

How is it a closed OS? I am generally interested to hear your reasoning behind this statement.

AzaziL2662d ago

The one thing I really don't like is having to use my mouse to mimic touch gestures to do something as simple as shutting down. So many times moving the mouse up and down on the side, really don't know why they couldn't make a normal pc version instead of a tablet port.

FordGTGuy2662d ago

Or you know you could push the power button on your computer and stop bitching or you can press Win+C to get the charms bar.

Baka-akaB2662d ago

lol i wonder why the hell you even do that much to shut down the thing . Hell i didnt even know you had gestures for that

AzaziL2662d ago

really wish they made that easy to know instead of having to be a computer geek to know all the special commands.

Also @FordGTGuy, does you computer have a sleep button on the case, thought so smart alec...

Bigpappy2662d ago (Edited 2662d ago )

Win8 is an aquired taste. I happen to like it very much. It is a true HD interface now. The media all look and sound better with Win8. It has big, bright icons and scroll horizontally across my 27" monitor. Right click is used differently and there are more options to customize and organize what you want quick access to. I would admit that I was put off by it at first, but the more I use it, the more I am sure I don't want to go back to the old desktop.

I have also noticed, that younger users who use IOS and Android more that windows, love the interface even without the touch screen. IE10 is also a big hit because it is smooth and secure especially if you avoid flash. I was a masterful move by M$ to not loose the smart-phone crowd to google and Apple. This gives them uniformaty. People who have Win7 and prefer that desktop, do not have to move to Win8. Most businesses will stay with Win7, but there will be a strong push by PC manufacturers to make hadware that utilize all the features in Win8. So you will see heavy support for Win8 in the very near future.

deletingthis346753342662d ago (Edited 2662d ago )

Watch it fail and get replaced in a year or two just like how it has been with every second generation of Windows the past decade.

Windows ME, then XP. Vista, then 7. 8, then ...

barb_wire2662d ago

XP bad? what the hell are you smoking, XP was good, very very good once the service packs ironed out it's initial bugs.

If my PC hadn't died 2yrs, I'd still be on XP. Win 7 is good also, took me some time to get used to it but IMO it's almost as good as XP.

deletingthis346753342662d ago

Never said XP was bad. Don't spin it. I said XP replaced a bad OS just like 7 replaced that abysmal failure you call an operating system that is Vista. As a matter of fact XP is probably my favourite operating system but 7 is good too.

SkullBlade1692662d ago

You obviously didn't use XP when it was first released... it was even worse than Vista, glitchy as hell.

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