The List - Review: Wii U - Playtest of new Nintendo gaming console

The List: New touch screen gamepad console is sophisticated and fun but no game changer

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_LarZen_2663d ago I missing something? Is this a review of a machine the reviewer dont have in his possesion?

But something he/she tested on a event?

Apex132663d ago

lol. Some people are just not serious.

jmc88882663d ago

The gamepad isn't like 3d videocards, but it is a revolution in it's own right. It's a natural addition that adds to gameplay, something after having, will be missed if it isn't there. Doesn't mean games won't be enjoyable without it, but it fits into an evolving experience of videogaming.

I personally will love things like an Aliens: Colonial Marines motion tracker, BLOPS2 pick out killstreaks and change loadouts on the fly, having different experiences in gameplay like a gamepad spawning zombies to attack another human player using a pro controller, to simpler things like having and open inventory/map in RPG games....and this is just the beginning. These all add quite a big element to the gaming experience.

The author is wrong in saying 'it won't keep pace with the PS4 and 720', because the tech doesn't exist for those systems to be much better.

Let's face it. Whether you have an ATI 5850 or a GTX 690, there isn't much difference in the fidelity of the games that are played. Sure if you want better graphics, and I do, which is why I upgrade from a 5850 to a GTX 670, but overall the difference isn't much, and I could have waited a couple more years. The average gamer would barely notice the difference, because the difference isn't that big between ultra settings and medium settings...which is a much wider gap then what will be between the PS4/720 and the Wii U.

More like Very high against Ultra. All the systems will play the same games, except for exclusives, and there won't be a big difference in their fidelity.

Some people just can't face facts that the tech doesn't exist for anything, even on the PC side to be much better than the Wii U. Somehow they think that Sony and MS who don't create the actual hardware in their systems will conjure up tech out of thin air and provide a huge leap above what the Wii U will do. Even a Xbox 360 to GTX 690 isn't a true generational leap. The Wii U captures most of the difference, allowing the Wii U to deliver what the 360/PS3 promised but didn't deliver, HD gaming in true 720p and 1080p. Not 574/600p.

Here's what is different between GTX 690 and the xbox 360. True 1080p (or beyond) gameplay. Wii U is capable of 1080p, and will have a good amount of games that do this, even if launch titles are 720p mostly.

The GTX 690 can pump out much higher fidelity textures. So can the Wii U. The GTX 690 has a higher ceiling, but the difference isn't that big when you're that high. You really need something many times better to produce a very noticable result, a simple doubling needs a lot of power to render but doesn't produce much better fidelity. The GTX 690 can do that, as can the 670, but things like the 5850 struggled. The Wii U will be somewhere in between. Thus not much difference.

The GTX 690 has DX11 effects. The Wii U is capable of DX11 effects or a similar equivalent. Maybe not as much onscreen at once or at the same level...maybe low or medium tessellation not high, but capable of delivering those types of effects.

Thus even if the PS4/720 had a GTX 690 under the hood (keep dreaming), it wouldn't produce a big difference, and almost none to the eyes of half the people that videogame who don't care or notice the extreme details.

So that the author thinks the Wii U will be left behind goes against all knowledge of where videogame technology is, what requires a noticeable jump, and is simply wishful thinking. Hope doesn't change anything. It only leads to disappointment. The facts are out there, and lots of people choose to ignore them and WILL be disappointed later.

jmc88882663d ago

Me personally, I'll buy the 720 and PS4, just like I did the PS3 and 360. I'll have my i7 920/GTX 670 PC, and during these console lifetimes upgrade it, and maybe the videocard again before the whole thing...but I'm also buying the Wii U as my first Nintendo console since the N64, and I don't see anything based on reality that leads me to remotely think that it will be 'left behind'.