XBOX 360 Launches in South Africa

If you're a gamer living in South Africa, chances are that your visual periphery was dominated this past weekend by Microsoft's Xbox 360 launch and its accompanying marketing campaign. Nearly a year after the system's first-worldwide launch, the Xbox 360 became officially available to eager shoppers at the stroke of midnight on Friday, 29 September. Playable in-store kiosks, radio advertisements, campus tournaments and vaguely sinister cardboard stands announced not only the arrival of "the next generation of gaming," but the expansion of choice.

Looks like it was well anticipated and I thinks it great that gamers around the world can finally get thier hands on some Next - Gen goodness. This is the Midnight release. Check it out.

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eques judicii5902d ago

I like seeing how microsoft is expanding to so many areas of the world... and here's why: xbox live is global, so it will expand the user base and give me more people to shoot up online!!

Anerythristic265902d ago

I thought this was cool. It shows that as the 360 expands worlwide so does the gaming community. It's also cool that gamers in South Africa are obviously excited about the 360 and Next Gen gaming. This is a GREAT crowd for the midnight release at 1 store. Imagine the other stores and crowds.

TheMART5902d ago

Damn imagine, SA, India, former East-Europe countries, it will give sales such a boost. Even by mid november around 10 million units will be sold I bet!