This Halo 4 trailer captures the bond between Master Chief and Cortana

Luke Ritson is known for his work on creating alternate video game launch trailers. What sets his trailers apart from the official release trailers is that he succeeds in capturing the essence of a game perfectly. He doesn’t display the action or the highlights, but rather captures the heartbeat of a story.

Check out his Halo 4 alternate launch trailer on MWEB GameZone

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Choc_Salties2653d ago

damn thats a fine vid, very well put together!

Jinkies2653d ago

Thats much better, great music and very well put together. For me as a gamer that beats all the live action crap MS has put out, I want to see gameplay and an epic story trailer, this guy did it.

I mean there was that little glimpse after the E3 demo this year and that launch trailer but even then it wasn't that good.

HanCilliers2649d ago

Couldn't agree with you more

Likalota2653d ago

Captures the essence and builds a great backdrop, nice trailer :)

PandaMcBearface2653d ago

I need to play Halo 4 for my continued emotional well being and that is all. AMAZING trailer :D

Snookies122652d ago (Edited 2652d ago )

Yeah that was a fantastic trailer... I don't get all the disagrees you guys are getting. Obviously those people don't know a good trailer when they see it lol. I don't have my Xbox anymore, but man it makes me want to go out and buy another one right now for this game.

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