Sublime Side Mission Merriment

eGamer writes: "Imagine for a moment. Imagine that you are taking a book you just laid your hands upon. Imagine that book being opened in the middle. Imagine a carpet knife cutting the spine of that book. Take the second half and burn it.*

Imagine yourself sitting inside a movie cinema. Imagine yourself reading the synopsis and duration beforehand. Start a countdown timer on your phone. The duration on the timer is exactly half the movie’s length. The time passes, the timer reaches zero and you walk out of the cinema.

Imagine yourself buying a game. Imagine yourself buying a game that you’ve looked forward to for quite some time. Imagine yourself arriving at home; inserting the disc into the tray and start playing. As time proceeds to move along with or without your consent, you eventually finish the game. Imagine yourself finishing the game without touching the side-quests or collectibles. Call the game “lacking” or “disappointing”.

You see what you did there? You made a judgement based on half an experience.

During the last two weeks there have been a lot of controversial opinions regarding Assassin’s Creed III. Gamers are either enjoying the living dross out of it or simply calling it dross."

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