Call of Duty Black Ops 2's Coolest New Feature

Call of Duty Black Ops 2 launches around the globe today, and with that comes the influx of Gameplay footage, and awesome kills that people get in ridiculous ways.

For those of you out there that like to show off your skills, and do so through Montages, then this video is for you! See Black Ops 2 has a Theatre mode, just like other Call of Duties, but this time they have included a few handy tools. Theatre Mode has a “Highlight Reel”, which is basically a tool that takes all your best clips, cuts out all the in between bits (like you walking from point A, to point B), and makes it into a nice little movie for you. You can even filter what you want to be seen; for example you can make a highlight reel of just grenade/explosive kills, or just vehicle/kill streak kills, etc.

Once the highlight reel has been created, you can move around the clips, change the transition effects, then render the video. From there you can then upload it to COD TV for everyone to see.

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