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GameTrailers - While the Modern Warfare franchise tends to play it safe, Treyarch was especially brave with its shepherding of the Call of Duty brand in the first Black Ops. Including its patented zombie mode along with a top-down shooter and other hidden goodies, it wasn’t afraid to break the mold of the traditional modern military shooter. Now it’s taking a step into the future with Black Ops II, but is this journey into the unknown worthy of the Call of Duty name?The story behind Black Ops II is all about the power of revenge.

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Blankman852217d ago

From 7.5's to 9.4's and everything in between. Very mixed so far.

Septic2217d ago

I'm sorry, but from the outset, this review is BS in my opinion:

"While the Modern Warfare franchise tends to play it safe, Treyarch was especially brave with its shepherding of the Call of Duty brand in the first Black Ops. "

WTF? If anything, IW were the ones that were brave and really not only introduced the ingenious killstreak system but also expanded upon it with MW2.

What did BLOPS do apart from add a zombie mode that WAW had? What did it do to "break the mold of the traditional modern military shooter"?

You mean the lacklustre sound design, horrible map design, poor visuals and TERRIBLE netcode. Here's proof of what happened to me:

I'm sorry but this reviewer is completely clueless in my opinion. TERRIBLE review.

1nsaint2217d ago

@septic all call of duty's get ridiculously high scores on gametrailers, im pretty sure the 200 mill Activision invests in marketing has got something to do with it.

Usually gametrailers has very high standarys when giving review scores. Even great games are getting criticised for small things.
but when ever a call of duty comes out it gets praised and they call something like the gamemode where u pick up dog tags inovative..

Sure call of duty will always be a AAA Game, but its not the great game they are claiming it to be

But who cares, cod is mostly for the mainstream people, not the real gamers, cause they know that its just a cheap copy of last years game *cough fifa cough*

EVILDEAD3602217d ago (Edited 2217d ago )

I salute that Game trailers didn't flinch in the face of the haters of the franchise, who don't play the game anyway.

People come to Game Trailers for these blowout previews of this franchise. IW and Treyarch go out of their way to extensively prove how they have moved the franchise forward in the two year turn-around dev cycle, and no matter how ambitious , no matter what they pull off, the haters simply want to see blood.

People simply won't admit that the biggest game on earth right now is actually a really good game on top of the fan fare.

Whether they do or not GT surely has (and I can only speculate) that one or two of those 20 million+ people that are going to purchase the game on the 360 and PS3 alone will agree with them.

Can't wait to play zombies with the budz..


Grap2217d ago (Edited 2217d ago )

gusse there's no negative logic in GT that say: like every Year it's just a layout. and what up with design get near perfect score? just realized it got better score than UC3 and BF3 and Halo4 hahahaha. really GT 9.73. why isn't 9.74 or 9.72?
i smell

SonyNGP2217d ago

Uncharted 3 got a 9.5. What the hell are you talking about?

andibandit2217d ago


He was talking about the "Design" category

Zuperman2217d ago

Black Ops 2 is a piece of dog crap. 4/10

Tapewurm2217d ago

Actually agree with this review.....between this version and the Vita version....I am a happy man. Very surprised with the quality of both. Don't believe any negativity on these titles..... both very nicely done games.

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Walker2217d ago

Best Shooter of the Year .

KingOptimusAscend1112217d ago (Edited 2217d ago )

Borderlands 2 says hello.

MOH Sucks

seanpitt232217d ago

Moh warfighter says hello to lol

pompombrum2217d ago

Everyone tries to say hello then hears the mention of MoH Warfighter and laughs uncontrollably.

seanpitt232217d ago (Edited 2217d ago )

Look its just like death and taxes its inevitable every year cod will get top marks regardless just embrace it because sadly there is nothing we can do about it. The only thing we could do is not to buy the game but me and you know and the 15+ million people who buy the game knows that ain't going to happen now is it.

talisker2217d ago

They can do whatever money can buy to get high review scores. Then I watch some gameplay and I see it's the same COD as every year.

ape0072217d ago

played it yesterday, my first impressions were "wow this is awesome"

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