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Destructoid - Call of Duty has become the ultimate "no-win" situation for reviewers. What once may have been the biggest job of the game critic's year is now an annual exercise in being caught between the Devil and the deep blue sea. Love it or hate it, the outcome is never going to be pretty.

Ever since the intense backlash against Call of Duty last year, those who commit the crime of enjoying the series are subject to bitter value judgments and outrage, while those who dislike it are all too familiar with the army of COD fans who eviscerate any fools daring to reprimand their shooter of choice.

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Detoxx2657d ago

The game doesnt deserve any higher then a 8

Blastoise2657d ago

Have you actually played it though?

venom062657d ago

i have... and he's right... it doesn't deserve higher than an 8...

CynicalKelly2656d ago

I don't think it deserves even an 8.

Nes_Daze2657d ago

Heard online wasn't working well for PS3 users, and I'm having trouble with it on Live, kinda annoying, campaign is okay.

crazyclown2657d ago

that's funny as I heard that from xbox live users