Is creativity in video games on the decline

Jonathan Bester from ITF Gaming writes: I started writing for ITF Gaming back in May of 2012, and my inaugural opinion piece covered one of the aspects of the video game industry that is seriously ailing. I speak of course about my article titled is video gaming testing a thing of the past. In that article I covered something that has unfortunately become common place, and as the title suggests, game breaking bugs is a little more prominent than it should be. However I am not here today to talk about bugs and day one patches. Today, I cover an entirely different topic, also related to the downtrodden video gaming industry.

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GreenRanger2653d ago

It is when it comes to military First Person Shooters.

shammgod2653d ago

So true, worst part about it is reviewers still score the clones high and robots will always go out and buy the newest remake.

abzdine2653d ago

100% sure, only Nintendo is keeping up !
Games look the same way and even play the same way. But i think the customer is the only one to blame in this.

r40k2132653d ago

You're joking right? Nintendo is the MASTER at shooting out the same recycled characters and story generation after generation. Every console generation we get the same set of Mario, Zelda, and Metroid games. The idea that Nintendo is the only creative company is absurd.

abzdine2653d ago

it's around the same characters maybe but very creative way they make each game it's 2 completely differerent games everytime in the way they are played, thanks to the Nintendo's very creative minds and hardware.

The hardware they come up with everytime is so creative that the others are copying the principe.

Deku-Johnny2653d ago

Abzdine is right. Yes the base story is the same, princess gets stolen by bad guy, boy in green tunic/Italian plumber has to rescue her but the main story, why she's been taken, how you rescue her, the people you meet along the way is always different. More so than any other game.

coolman2292653d ago

@abzdine and Deku-Johnny

I really can't believe you're getting disagrees. I guess I shouldn't be surprised since this is N4G.

ShaunCameron2653d ago

In a sense they make platforms that give "creative" games a decent shot at flourishing, you can say so.

AWBrawler2653d ago

right, just ignore the new franchises that came last gen and this gen such as Pikmin, fire emblem, 1080, advance wars, endless ocean, professor layton, and scribblenauts

ITFGaming2653d ago

The industry needs to be shaken up a bit!

SOULJER2653d ago

Hell yeah. It's on the decline. You have fighting games copying uncharted. It's F---ING ridiculous. ENOUGH already.

Zha1tan2653d ago

Not least not on PC anyway.

Look at the titles that have come out recently....Primal Carnage which is human vs dinosaur combat.

Chivalry medieval warfare which is a middle ages first or third person combat game, war of the roses as well.

Also Planetside 2 which is looking to take the FPS game to the next level by having battles with hundreds of players across continents with unique resource and reward systems.

There is plenty of cretivity on PC...which is why i made the call to spend some money and build my own, not for the graphics but for the unique titles you get on there while consoles pound out the same tp action games and shooters PC innovates.

Bimkoblerutso2653d ago

The indie scene is keeping things afloat, I agree. It's sad that when people start thinking about stagnation in the industry, all they think about is the Halo's and COD's or the Resident evil's and jrpg's from japan. The indie scene is more prominent than its EVER been, and there's a ton of creativity happening there.

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