Take a very, very close look at the round-edged Wii U proprietary discs

Engadget: There's something immediately striking about Nintendo's Wii U proprietary disc format that's hard to notice in photos -- it's got rounded edges, both outside and in. It feels different than any other disc we've handled before; Tim swears he's seen a round-edged disc in the wild, but we've never seen such a thing ourselves. It's as if the folks at Nintendo took sandpaper to every edge of every disc, making them all the more friendly to the touch. It's a little detail, but it's a nice one.

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LX-General-Kaos2657d ago ShowReplies(11)
Y_51502657d ago

Talk about attention to detail!

FamilyGuy2657d ago

I've held many round-edged disc before, I thought nothing of it. Didn't know this was special :/

OhMyGandhi2656d ago

blockbuster used to print their own shiny labels over their game discs, and often, the label would fold over the edges...

ALLWRONG2657d ago

Nintendo has always done a pretty good job at that. Probably comes from being in the business for so long.

wishingW3L2657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

do they have the coating that makes them scratch resistant like with the blu-ray discs?

Snookies122657d ago

Let's hope so! Blu-ray discs are amazing in that aspect.

jc485732657d ago

you see this is what i really hate. It's like Nintendo expects us to guess or something if it's scratch resistant or not. Just tell us already.

karlowma2657d ago

Would that really change how you handle them? Take care of your shit. :P

PS-ADDICT2657d ago

Alot of my PS2 DVDs sre Cracking From the Middle cause i Have To Click them into place and it puts alot of stress on that area, thinking about Buying A PS3 with backwards compatibility. My Launch 60 lazted 2 years then mynephews disconnected it while i was playing and it YLOD on me .I was soo pissed

FamilyGuy2657d ago

lol jc, that just sounds hilarious. I'm not sure if you meant to be funny or not though. It's like "Geez nintendo, let us know every single detail there is about it!"

Also, don't they all have some form of scratch resistance? Blu ray disc have a much stronger/thicker coating cuz of the sensitivity or something like that.

Moncole2657d ago

Do they need scratch resistant? If you took care of your stuff and kept it away from kids there is no reason for a disk to get scratched.

hellvaguy2657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

Kids wont be kept away from Nintendo products. Obviously you don't have kids and have been on a drinking bender for most of your adulthood if you think you could keep kids in your home away from Nintendo crack.

jmc88882657d ago

There were things like the xbox 360 scratch disk problem where the system scratched discs.

Ruined a bunch of my games, and of course no one would honor the warranty, not even if you bought an extended one! So don't buy extended warranties for your games folks.

Don't think the Wii U will have that problem, only the Sega Saturn and Xbox 360 have had that problem that I'm aware of (and both happened to me).

So it would be nice, but I'm not sweating it. Though usually that would make the disc look different as it would have a layer of something over it, and with the PS2 it was black. Don't really see it, so I wouldn't expect it.

SilentNegotiator2657d ago

Have you ever actually owned a DVD or CD?

They practically scratch from being put in the tray. You can treat them like the King's royal disc and it still gets little scratches that lead to bigger scratches over time.

I take them out, put them in the tray, and take them out and put them in the case when I'm done. Do they still manage to get scratched up? Absolutely.

f7897902657d ago

Funny. I managed to never scratch my discs as a child.

My brother on the other hand pulled on a disc in a case that required you to push down on the center. It exploded.

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MxRBrobaFett2657d ago

Did I miss a point in time where discs were cutting people to death?

Dovahkiin2657d ago

The disc cutting deaths of '72, it was horrific.

jmc88882657d ago

Or the disco demolition night at Comiskey park.

from the beach2657d ago

This is to stop people slicing their wrists when they discover there's no achievements system

dredgewalker2657d ago

You see gamers are becoming a violent breed, so in order minimize the casualty rate of gamer victims Nintendo made the edges of the discs round so it won't be used as weapons of murder......

hazelamy2657d ago

can't really see much difference myself, maybe the feel of the rounded edges is more noticeable, but that's not something that you can show in a picture.

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The story is too old to be commented.