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GameSpot: "Wonderbook: Miranda Goshawk's Book of Spells is a great augmented reality adventure that deftly imagines the experience of spell-casting at Hogwarts."

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sinncross2168d ago

Wow, somewhat unexpected score.

If GS are to be believed, than this could be a great title to get for the kids and one that uses augmented reality in a good way. Sounds good then.

arbitor3652168d ago

well I have a few hats to eat now, if you'll excuse me

FlameHawk2168d ago

I honestly thought this was a great idea, if I had kids I would buy it for them.

insomnium22168d ago (Edited 2168d ago )

I MIGHT get this for the kids but only if this is something really cool.

Edit: After skimming through the review this might actually be worth looking into. Colour me surprized.

rezzah2168d ago

I'd like to buy this but too many games on the plate right now.

I look forward to other games for this in the future.