How 343 Injected New Life into an Old Story

Gamespot: Chris Watters analyzes the storytelling techniques that distinguish the Halo 4 campaign from its predecessors.

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mananimal2654d ago

Yet still only managed to create a 6hour SP Campaign. Unacceptable.

JANF2654d ago

I'm in the 5th mission and already put 6 hours. Maybe you should try playing the game on Heroic or Legendary, if you got the skills that is, which I dont think you have since is evident you played on normal or maybe you are just a troll and you dont even have the game.

Munky2654d ago (Edited 2654d ago )

Exactly. For all the people who are saying that they ran through the campaign are totally missing out on how the game should really be played. The fact that that it only took 5-6 hours shows that they are playing it on a low difficulty. On the Heroic setting, it should take double the amount of time to finish the game, and it is so much more rewarding then just mowing through enemies.

That's what is great about the Halo series, as difficult as it can get at times it's actually fun trying to figure out how to defeat the enemies. You really do feel a sense of accomplishment when you beat the last bad dude on a level. To each their own I guess, some ppl are satisfied with being able to say they finished a game, not realizing that they didn't really "play the game".

EVILDEAD3602654d ago

Don't listen to the standard trolls that didn't play the game.

The game was an absolute perfect length and far from some 6hr camapign and I played it co-op on normal.

Anybody who knows Halo knows Legendary takes even longer to accomplish and you EARN it.

On the actual Topic...

The stellar talent 343i definately pulled off an amazing intro to the new Trilogy and now have the freedom theto pull off even better and fresh experiences within the Halo arc next gen.


Lvl_up_gamer2654d ago

That's still 2 hours longer then MGS4's campaign.

I played Halo 4 on Normal and it took me 9 hours.

I played Halo 4 on Heroic and it took me 10 hours (since I knew the enemies I was facing and the weapons I was going to use at this point)

I played Halo 4 on Legendary and it took me 15 hours.

Halo 4 is NOT a 6 hour game.

MidNite2654d ago

It probably depends on the difficulty level you play on. I'm doing solo campaign legendary and it has taken me longer than 6 hours. Wasn't Black Ops under 6 hrs?

CynicalKelly2654d ago

The best thing about Halo was the difficulty. It wasn't stupid hard, it just made you play smart. If you took your time and thought about it, you could complete a mission with one death.

Don't like comparing games but I complete Call of Duty every year on Veteran and It's a breath of fresh air because the only way to complete that game is pure luck. 98% Accuracy, always shooting you, countless grenades. Doesn't matter how smart you play in that, just matters how much time you have to try to fluke your way through it.