Valve Was Once Making a “Space Pirate” Game

Whispers of the project have been doing the rounds for a while now, but last week Valve boss Gabe Newell gave the first confirmation that, yes, his studio had at one point been making a space game with the initials "SoB".

GreenRanger4036d ago

In space, no one can hear you say Arrrrrr!

Lord_Sloth4036d ago

$50 says the protagonist had no dialogue. XXXD

Panthers4036d ago

We need a spaceflight sim this gen. I cant think of any. Something along the lines of Tie Fighter or Colony Wars.

SamPao4036d ago

Iron Sky the game is coming in a few days :) :) cant wait for that game. I mean, spacefighter and Nazis, I cant think of anything better.
Though there is no gameplay vids till now, so game is gonna suck haha, either way that game is gonna be fun as hell, I just know it xD!!!!!!

Cirran4036d ago

Oh how I wish this was truly made.

wrong4036d ago

How about making a new one?

IMO "I'm in space! Spaaaaaaaace!" is better title than SoB.

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Valve Reassuringly States: "We're Still Working on VR"

Valve reassuringly states: "We're Still Working on VR" in a recent interview, whilst confirming the Steam Deck and VR teams work together.

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Number1TailzFan12d ago

I wonder if that means some games will be VR only again.

I just want them to go back to their roots where the majority of their games are made for a modern mid/high spec PC.

Brazz11d ago

yeah, i heard the same team that is working on HF3 is working on new VR games.

jznrpg11d ago

Is Half Life Alyx coming for PSVR2 ? Would be nice

11d ago
Vits11d ago

They are talking about hardware here and the direction that Valve might take with future hardware. And, interestingly, they might be going the standalone route. This is honestly the way to go if they want the device to reach more people as shown by the Quest 2 sales.

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Valve President Gabe Newell Emphasizes On Half-Life’s Delay

Valve recently released its 25th anniversary documentary on Half-Life where Gabe Newell emphasized why delaying the game was important.

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RhinoGamer8813d ago

I am shocked Gabe is still with us. Absolutely expected a widowmaker heart attack to take him out years ago. He never took care of himself. Hope for the rest of us?

Jin_Sakai13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

Why bring this to anyone’s attention? It’s his life and he could outlive any of us for the matter.

Reminds me of a story where an old lady had two doctors tell here that if she didn’t quit drinking Dr. Pepper it was going to kill here. And she lived to tell the story of how she’s 104 years old and that both doctors had died.

RhinoGamer8813d ago

He is very wealthy and has not used that wealth for charity (that I know of) and has used it for excess. Also, he seems obstinate and defiant to the pleading and wishes of his fanbase. So not someone to hold up in super high esteem.

JohnMarble13d ago

While I agree giving to charity is a nice thing to do, it isn't an obligation.

It's his money to spend however he pleases.

Fist4achin12d ago

Was Dr Pepper one of their names?!

specialguest12d ago (Edited 12d ago )

@RhinoGamer88 - who the hell are you to say how he should use his wealth?? You don't know his personal life and what he's done. Not all good deeds are announced out loud to the world. Get off your high-horse. You don't have to be wealthy to give back, so what have you done to help the world?

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Si-Fly13d ago

Do you make a point of letting everybody know you give to charity? I certainly don’t, it would be pretty gross. You have no idea about what Gabe does with his money, like you said.

shadowknight20312d ago

Your 1 of those people walking on the street with a surveillance camera showing you pass by while someone is getting robbed, just watching and moving along. You need help.

OtterX13d ago

Well it's staying true to its name, bc it's taking half my life to see a proper sequel.

Yui_Suzumiya11d ago

I'm gonna have to write that one down, lol

Godmars29013d ago

And yet even with multiple delays, nowadays there's no guarantee that a game will being functional.