Hitman Absolution Trophy List

Complete trophy list for Hitman Absolution.

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banjadude2652d ago

Hmmm, doesn't seem too bad. I should probably get the friend related trophies first.

ArchangelMike2652d ago

I never look at trophy lists before I play a game. It really is a massive spoiler for me, and ruins the whole experiemnce. Once I've completed the game however, I'll go through the trophy list to see if it's worth a platinum.

Dark_Overlord2652d ago

I always do (Hopefully the story ones are hidden), if a game has stupid online trophies (10,000 kills, 1,000 wins etc) I just refuse to buy them now.

I'm mainly a SP gamer, but will attempt the MP as long as the trophies are reasonable. (OCD makes me require the plat lol)

banjadude2652d ago

I try my best to avoid looking at trophy lists, too, but I'm OCD like Dark_Overlord, lol.

GTRrocker6662652d ago

I hope there are more hits than that