Halo 4: Bringing humanity to Cortana and Master Chief

Cortana has always been one of the most fascinating parts of the Halo fiction for me. A.I.s in the Halo universe are just very interesting in general; they're based on the neural pathways of a human brain, which means their initial intelligence is that of a human, but they can perform far more simultaneous tasks and acquire more knowledge than any one human ever could. This comes at a price, however, with one of the core conceits of their existence being that they only have a lifespan of around seven years. These so-called "smart A.I.” (there are “dumb” A.I., too, who don't deteriorate) acquire so much information that eventually they just cannot process it all and quite literally will think themselves to death. This is known as Rampancy, and often sees the A.I. turn against their masters as they begun to fully comprehend the finite nature of their existence.

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Lionheart3772655d ago

Their relationship was probably the best part of that campaign.

aviator1892655d ago

I agree, especially that bit at the end- about the chief looking down at earth and reminiscing about cortana telling the chief about machines and humanity.

Loved that moment. Sort of reminded me of star wars.

bubblebeam2655d ago

My favourite part was when she said;
"C'mon Chief, take a girl for a ride."

The voice acting was top notch in this game. The motion capture on the faces was also amazing. Best story so far in Halo. Loved every minute of it.

I wonder what they are going to do in Halo 5 and 6 AI wise. If it is a male AI, I will LMFAO lol. Or you get to choose to have a female or male AI, sorta like Mass Effects option to be gay. If you choose a male AI, you get to rock some sweet ass Pink Mark VI armor.

VforVideogames2655d ago

Great moments in video games like when dom (gears of war3) gives his life to save marcus and the delta squad i.... i... i cried. and now in halo 4 why cortana why?

CynicalKelly2655d ago

I still think the Story telling in Halo is a little weak, the story is there, it just needs to be told a little better. Like at the beginning when they mention the Covenant and that 4 years is a long time, that implies that the war is back on. All it would take is for Lasky or Del Rio on Infinity to mention it's a rebel faction.

But the character development in this game was absolutely brilliant, best character development I have ever seen in a video game. It made up for any flaws and by itself is a reason to play the game.

Now that they have that done, hopefully they improve on their story telling and progress to being an almost perfect gaming studios.