Call of Duty and the Death of Creativity

With people complaining that Call of Duty is just a yearly franchise that's getting churned out every year with no heart, soul or effort put in making the game. I for one agree with these people and it seems even critics are getting tired with these shooter games after the abysmal review scores that "Medal of Honor:Warfighter" received.

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slapedurmomsace2653d ago

This article is just garbage. It's 3 paragraphs of putting gamers down who enjoy COD, and blaming them for the death of 'creative gaming"

I find it funny that you agree with people who say COD is just a played out yearly franchise and go on to list 2 games that are sequels as the best of the year.

And as far as people saying COD is played out, I only see that sorta sentiment on this website. Really no where else.

As far as people buying COD and ignoring "well made games", that's a very subjective opinion, as some people really believe COD is a well made game that gives them the best bang for their buck, as a good amount of COD players will play these games for years..and years, no other game besides BF and CS give that sorta value.

Cam9772653d ago

It's also a clone of my blog: 'is the FPS dominance stamping out creativity?' Albeit, a very poor attempt to recreate it.

slapedurmomsace2653d ago

Yes it was, just read your blog, I don't agree with all of you opinions, but I do appreciate your "piece" and the points you made were at least well thought out and had some back up.

Donnieboi2652d ago

Call of duty is trash, and I was hoping BO2 would change that. And it has not.

COD = Children's Online Daycare.

Detoxx2653d ago

COD sucks, most over-rated game ever.

pompombrum2653d ago

To be fair, the developers could easily come back and say "if it isn't broken don't fix it" however I do question whether they are putting enough creativity in the new additions each time. Now I haven't followed Blops 2 extensively but the feature most people are raving about is the new 10 point system for picking perks, weapons etc.. seriously if that's the most hyped feature for Blops 2, then that's extremely poor.

EZMickey2653d ago (Edited 2653d ago )

If there's one type of phrasing I hate more than anything else on the planet it's the rhetorical question.

In this article, the author regards the Call of Duty franchise as a lifeless one, rehashed every year with no real effort put in while the true gems of gaming go unnoticed and unappreciated. He poses the question "Why?" Asking why gamers fork out money for the same thing year in and year out. He makes a negligble attempt at trying to answer his own question but in the end he gives up, ironically, having applied about as much effort into writing this article and answering his own question as he surmises Call of Duty developers apply to their own game.

That is the stupifying power of the rhetorical question. The gaming industry and it's consumers have embraced the Call of Duty franchise and the trend of military shooters for a reason.

Every year gamers fork out a ton of money for Call of Duty and play that one game all the way through to the next year before picking up the next iteration. Activision has successfully given the action mulitplayer market as much bang for their buck with Call of Duty as EA has for their sports video game market with Fifa and Madden.

You just can't criticize Call of Duty games for their lack of creativity when you acknowledge that their aim isn't to revolutionize the games we play but rather the business model of multiplayer action games. Yes, I said revolutionize, which implies that from Call of Duty onwards, other Publishers would change their business model to follow suit. EA has alternating between Battlefield and Medal of Honor annually, as has Microsoft with Halo, successfully releasing a Halo game once a year for the past four years.

The other important thing to acknowledge is that the majority of money spenders who are buying this every year are NOT the same as us. They are not devoted gamers, they do not know what half the products on the shelf are. The price of games is genuinely high enough to dissuade consumers from buying into something they don't know and trust. All they need is one Hour of Victory or Rogue Warrior to make a vow never to buy a game they're not well informed about.

The most important fact to acknowledge is that franchises like Call of Duty and the blind devotees who annually buy into them keep the gaming industry well funded and make them a notable target on the media industry's map. Without franchises like this we have less publishers willing to fund the more creative but less conventional games that WE, we the geeks and the passionate players will invest in.

It took Christopher Nolan two Batman's to get a green light for Inception, a film that Warner thought would be too smart for the summer blockbuster market and would be overlooked and be an inevitable flop.

In answering the question this author neglected to in his article I've written a piece of much greater quality. I suggest this author strive to be above the million other hate-on-what's-popular articles out there and put some effort in. Treat your writing with the same regard you have for those gems of 2012 that the masses don't acknowledge and eventually, you'll be a writer worth reading.

Mutant-Spud2653d ago

Pfft, this is like complaining that football is repetitive, I like the fact that COD is a known quantity just as I like the fact that if I sit down to watch a football game I'm reliably assured of seeing certain things.

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