Kuma’s Thought on New COD Policy and Difference between Trash Talk and Just Being An A**Hole!

Kuma wrote: The world of COD begins a new as tonight is the midnight release of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 and this time around we have a more futuristic story plot that takes place with the previous protagonist son. I know everyone is excited to get on tonight and rank up to get their prestige before the end of the week, but before that the nice people Treyarch want you to know about some polices that will get your account permanently banned and unable to play the game online. Now certain individuals of the gaming community are already in an uproar about these policies because they feel it is putting a leash on their “Fun Game Nights” and not realizing their actions are turning people away from online gaming. I have talked to certain few that responded to my question on this matter of Trash Talk vs Verbal Abuse in the online gaming world. So without further delay, let’s get this started.

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KMCROC2651d ago

Cool about time, get rid of the A Holes that are online & have no concept of what trash talking is or just don't know how.

MadMax2651d ago

This is good and bad. For one, it kinda zips up some of these annoying ass kids, that can't make out a full sentence, and talk ignorant Ebonics all the time. Maybe they should finish school first! For two, it infringes on our freedom of speech, which most liberals are trying to do at the moment. Control and censorship is what they are all about! It's a double edged sword I guess.

jmc88882651d ago (Edited 2651d ago )

Actually conservatives and liberals. Democrats and republicans.

You think there is difference between the parties? Obammney won either way. American people and constitution lost. No Glass-Steagall, no end of war mongering, abandonment of the physical economy and scientific progress in favor of digital derivatives and monetarism on Wall Street.

I'd say your reason #2 trumps #1 by a million fold. I don't like the idiot kids either, but in a free society you have to tolerate speech you don't like.

MikeMyers2650d ago

Freedom of speech does not apply to a private online service that you agree to the terms upon signing up.

MadMax2650d ago

I agree, but at the same time liberals have been the worst offenders lately. Both parties are a problem! The president on the other hand is just a puppet anyways, so it really doesnt matter in the end who wins. We all lose regardless.

Allsystemgamer2651d ago

Pretty much. Mute button is of most use.

jmc88882651d ago (Edited 2651d ago )

Or like PC games, people could use the kick player function. Either way there is no reason to reinvent the wheel and crush first amendment rights. (that yes you still have even if corporate law makes you give them up to access xbox live...note no such thing as corporate law in the constitution, because gasp it's what we fought against but we ceded in the late 1800's).

Why do they need to infringe on people when there are already alternatives that work quite well? They don't.