Game Scoop!: Everything We Know About GTA 5

IGN: Three playable characters, the biggest GTA world ever, and an insane helicopter heist -- we've got all the details here.

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GribbleGrunger2656d ago (Edited 2656d ago )

The world is as big as RDR+GTASA+GTA4 (that dwarfs Skyrim) and is fully explorable from the outset... That means there is no room for disc swapping. Either they've found a new compression technique or their will be compulsory installs on the 360. I hope they go with the latter and I also hope (if that is the case) that they offer a full install for the PS3 version too. Not that it would need it, because the Blu-ray would be big enough, but perhaps it might iron out any potential performance problems

Welshy2656d ago

GTA5 is sounding absolutely fantastic.

After being run over by the hype train for GTA4, i really had my doubts, but they are making all the right noises and appear to have taken on board that the vast majority of fans preferred a more San Andreas game than a super realistic and gritty one.

If everything they are saying about the huge scale, the brighter more inviting tone over smoggy streets and a genuine innovation with multiple character swapping on the fly implemented well... damn this game could genuinely blow us all away.

This one is looking as though it may actually deserve the 9's and 10's that GTA4 got.

Should this one live up to expectation... shut up and take my money R*!