Persona 4 Golden review (HonestGamers)

Rhody Tobin says: "Persona 4 Golden has a nice bit of new content for returning players. There are tons of optional costumes for each character, which have no effect on gameplay but are a nice bonus. There are new personas for both the main character and the supporting cast. Enemy weaknesses and stats have been mixed up a bit, meaning the familiar battle tactics won’t always work."

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Mystickay862656d ago

Hands down, will be the best vita game and rivals against other current console games. I was recently introduce to persona by purchasing P3:FES off PSN. I been saying to myself "How could I miss a gem from last generation".

I'll make sure I don't miss out this game. If anyone doesn't have a vita, this is the sole reason to get a Vita.

Akuma-2656d ago (Edited 2656d ago )

i cant wait to buy this game

DrDeath2656d ago

Im not even remotely interested in this game. Looks.... dumb to me. shoot me.... Sole reason to own a vita? thats a joke considering the other choices at the moment. u know LBP? NFS? AC3? U:GA? LEGO games? Mortal Kombat even? this is far from western gaming to me. The fact people buy this stuff kinda boggles my mind a bit. Japanese games are horrible

knifefight2656d ago

While I completely disagree with your opinion of P4, I clicked "Agree" because really, everyone's going to have a different opinion.

Just because *I* like a game doesn't mean everyone will. This is a Japanese RPG. If people don't like Japanese RPGs, it's silly to recommend this to them, because the odds are low that they will miraculously like this. To say that any game is the "sole reason" to own a system is a bit off-target.


rpd1232656d ago

Kind of have to agree there. Japanese games just don't do it for me. And there are way better games to own a Vita for.

Side note: Is Lego Lord of the Rings on Vita? If so then I have to buy that.

TiberusX872656d ago

@ DrDeath

It's just one of those games and perhaps an acquired taste.

It has a complex and intriguing story filled with some of the most fleshed out and developed characters of any game I have ever played.

Its one of my top games of the generation. For some perspective on what other games a fan of the series also gave a near perfect (to me) score, check my rated 10 games from below:

Dark Souls
Deadly Premonition
Uncharted 2: Among Thieves
Dragon Age: Origins
Fallout 3
Lost Odyssey
Castlevania: Lords of Shadow
Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots
Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver
Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Valkyria Chronicles

DrDeath2656d ago

Yes Lego lord of rings is available on psn now. Looks interesting I won't pick it up because of other games but It looks like it could be the best Lego vita game so far. I have never been a fan of RPG's. but I know some people are in love with them and MMO's. that's cool if they like it it's very eastern. Not my thing. Agree for u for agreeing lol.

belac092656d ago

your a fuckin douche. go fucking die.

rpd1232656d ago

@ DrDeath

Sweet, I'm going to have to get LOTR at some point. Love the Lord of the Rings in general, hope they did a good job with it.

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Eazy-Eman2656d ago

Same here man, persona 3 portable was my first and I said to myself the exact same thing. It's such a beautiful game and I can say hands down that it's one of my all time favorite games. Persona 4 will not let me down and i'm currently jamming to the badass soundtrack of p4...the genesis is AMAZING!