Bad Gamers: Giving Up on The Last Guardian

Today the Daily Reaction duo of Sebastian Moss and Dan Oravasaari cry on air, share sexy pictures, talk gaming news, trash 'merica and insult our listeners - all in less than an hour. Also, find out why there's a picture of a frog in this post. - PSLS

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insertcoin2169d ago

I haven't given up on The Last Guardian. Sony has.

Abash2169d ago

Considering it's still in development, Sony hasn't

NewMonday2169d ago

given up is the right thing to do right now, best to forget about it till it is close to actual release

dbjj120882169d ago

Insulting listeners is the way to get me to NOT listen.

doctorstrange2169d ago

They should try to be like GR Radio. By not having any listeners to insult.

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Foolsjoker2169d ago

The only way to know if you really were insulated is to listen...

2169d ago
MattyG2169d ago

Yeah insulting listeners isn't the best tactic. And why are everyone's comments getting removed?! Are the mods having a power party tonight or something?

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Y_51502169d ago

I haven't. I would like to see gameplay.

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