First look at ‘PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale’ Commemorative Coin Set

SuperBot Entertainment today provided a first look at the Original Six Commemorative Coin Set for the upcoming multiplatform title, “PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale.”

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Snookies122661d ago

Lol Kratos looks so freaking weird on his coin... Still, I bet these things would go for a lot of money online...

subtenko2658d ago

Not to disrespect the makers of the coins and stuff but..

Radec - That Davey Jones octopus dude from PotC2

Fat Princess - Overly Attached Craver

Sly Cooper - a duck

Kratos - Jay Leno

Parappa - ?

Sweet Tooth - ?

I'd still like to have those coins though! Gimmie!

ChrisW2660d ago

A commemorative coin set? Can I use them in a pop machine?

Reverent2660d ago

And people say Sony doesn't market their games... Pshh.