Roundtable: Treyarch or Infinity Ward?

The VGutopia staff is asked the question "who makes the better Call of Duty games; Treyarch or Infinity Ward?" Here are there answers.

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omarzy2165d ago

I always liked Treyarch more. Infinity sucks at designing maps.

MizTv2165d ago

Mw3 maps sucked ass big time lets hope it's better this time

AusRogo2165d ago

Treyarch. World at War is by far my favourite. I'll be buying their cods, but Infinity Ward are just lazy. Mw3 was a disappointment.

aviator1892165d ago

the old Infinity Ward (back when all the senior leads and zampella and west were still there) > treyarch.

the current iw is just mediocre and are easily outclassed by treyarch.

rezzah2165d ago


That is why COD4 is better than all of the CODs that came after imo.

Not including BO2 obviously because it comes out tmw i think.

aviator1892165d ago

I agree.
Call of duty 4 remains as my favorite call of duty released in the franchise. It had my favorite campaign and multiplayer. I still find myself going back every few days to play the game.

The mission "All Ghillied Up" is still fresh in my mind.

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