Best Games To Show Off On Your Galaxy Note 2

Techologie- The beauty of owning a Phablet is having a massive screen available to you at all times. Now, with great screens comes great responsibilities. Your job as a new Galaxy Note 2 owner is to ensure that the ginormous screen is always being used to its full potential. There are plenty of awesome apps that really showcase the screen quality of the Galaxy Note 2, so my main focus here will be the games. So lets begin!

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CommonSenseGamer2658d ago

Tablet gaming has come a long way in the short time.

IRetrouk2658d ago

Got most of the games listed for my galaxy s3. The person writing this article should play around in the options to better place the on screen buttons for the s3.

iNcRiMiNaTi2658d ago

Yeah same except for NFS MW and Angry Birds.

Id also add in Mass Effect Infiltrator in there on the list, that game is pretty impressive visually as well.

IRetrouk2658d ago

Have not tried mass effect yet but will deff give it a look i would also add asphalt 7 to the list as it is a really really good arcade racer. Also have to give a shout out to gta3. I still cant believe i can play it on my phone and it looks better than the console original. Mobile devices really are coming along nicely. I just wish my old xperia play was upgradable because the controls were really good.