Big Brother alert: Microsoft wants to know how many friends you've got in your living room

One of Microsoft's latest patent applications is a humdinger. It proposes to turn the Kinect camera into a snitch for movie studios, reporting back just how many friends you've got in your living room and what they're watching. Think that sounds alarmist? Here's what it actually says: "The users consuming the content on a display device are monitored so that if the number of user-views licensed is exceeded, remedial action may be taken." It's that blatant - a system to spy on private viewing habits.

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Jinkies2659d ago

or really, how many friends you get it on with

Grap2659d ago

For ever Alone. I care because i run naked while playing Kinect. everyone should try much fun

bubblebeam2659d ago

Thank god. If you keep running naked, maybe they won't implement this after all......*tiny wang*

cl19832659d ago

What a waist of an article, un plug the kinect and your problem is solved, or if pulling cables are too hard turn the kinect to a wall.

MikeMyers2659d ago

What's next, they want to charge you more to buy Xbox Music if more than one person is listening?

This will never pass, the ability to charge more pending on how many people are in the vicinity. What is more likely is the camera detecting how many people and perhaps each having an option to vote on the like and dislike of a movie. Microsoft is trying to socialize all media.

mcstorm2659d ago

Lol anything to get hits.

bubblebeam2659d ago

Although it doesn't actaully "spy" on you like most people would assume, it is still pretty bad.

It can register how many people are watching TV at a time, and if it exceeds the amount stated in the user license, they can make you pay for a more expensive one.

Sound like something Mr Krabs would do.

Blackdeath_6632659d ago

my Xbox and Kinect are lying at the bottom of a trash can. nothing for microsoft to see...

bubblebeam2659d ago

Except for the bottom of your trash can......which details your very existence!!! Ahhhhhh!!!!!

ALLWRONG2659d ago

Blackdeath_663 you would need a 360 first.

Nice try though

dboyman2659d ago

This is why I'm not going with Microsoft next gen...

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