A Fantasy Action Game That's Set To Rock Wii U's World - Trine 2 - Wii U Interview

Game-Modo (G-M) caught up with Mikael Haveri (MH), marketing manager for Frozenbyte and asked a whole host of questions regarding Trine 2 the on the Wii U. Check out how this version of Trine 2 is shaping up to be the ultimate version, why indie developers love the Wii U and whole shedload of killer information in the interview

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Neonridr2663d ago

Day one purchase for me. Looks like an awesome game. Saw some videos from the PC version and I cannot wait. It will be interesting to see how it is priced. I think on Steam it is still like $14.99

GameTechZero2663d ago

Thanks for reading man. They mention that the Wii U is great for indie developers and so far I totally agree. Cant wait, this looks like the definitive version of Trine 2.

Nevers0ft2663d ago

I'm pretty sure the Nintendo-led raping of my wallet will continue with this and Nano Assault on launch day... If I can tear myself away from the rest of my games long enough to check the eShop :)

GameTechZero2663d ago

We did an interview with the dudes behind Nano Assault coming to Wii U and wow it is sounding amazing. Have you seen Chasing Aurora? Looks really fresh and original. (that's also a Wii U eShop game)

Nevers0ft2663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )

Yeah, I've seen that and just about every other Wii U article out there (I might be a bit of a fanboy ;) )... It looks interesting but I'm not sure it's "me" - I'm hoping the eShop will give an old fart like me some old skool arcade action. Games where I end up with the classic ailment "Nintendo thumb". Having said that, I loved titles like Lost Winds on the Wii, so you never know.

Looking forward to your Shin'en interview. Sounds like those guys have already started to exploit some of the Wii U's capabilities. The graphics look both amazing and totally eye-pickling :D

Instigator2663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )

Being able to play with only the Gamepad is a welcome addition. Using the wizard during enemy onslaughts was nearly suicide on the PC because of the mouse controls. It'll be a lot faster to draw directly on the screen.

I've already played this, but the enhancements make it a definite purchase when I buy a Wii U.