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Categorizing games like Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward into a traditional genre is always a challenge; it’s more of a novel and less of a game. This dialogue-heavy title relegates the player’s primary focus to puzzle solving and decision-making. This may sound boring on paper, but the folks over at Chunsoft have created a game that is worth your while.

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tboyshinobi2653d ago

sounds interesting. how different is it on Vita from 3DS?

TheRichterBelmont2653d ago

Sharper Graphics and trophy support.

Snookies122653d ago

Essentially the 3DS version doesn't look as nice as well as not having trophy support. Yet, it is easier to take notes with the stylus on the 3DS one.

Redempteur2653d ago

also on the vita the text doesn't get over the screen like with the 3ds , you don't have teh corruption save bug on vita.. the animations are less pixelisated and you get more color for you to take notes .

trophy support and a much better visual and audio quality ..

VIta version is 300% better

rezzah2653d ago

I was wondering if should get this if I don't want to play the first one.

Redempteur2653d ago

play the first one both are greta games but VLR is 250% more awesome if you played the first game..
also Vlr spoils plenty of 9,9,9

belac092653d ago

i played the demo and it was amazing. im buying this game ASAP!

2653d ago