Heroes Of Ruin Belongs On iOS And Android

Chris Buffa (Modojo): Barring some announcement, it appears Square Enix is content with letting Heroes of Ruin disappear into 3DS obscurity. Quite frankly, that's a damn shame. It's a game we've kept a close eye on for good reason. Four unique classes, thousands of items to collect and true online multiplayer are three major selling points for this ambitious dungeon crawler, and there's definitely a small group of fans currently enjoying the fruits of developer n-Space's labor.

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tieryas2257d ago

I remember previewing this at E3 and really enjoying it. Yeah, hopefully they'll bring it to ios and android

Godchild10202257d ago

I would love to see it come to PlayStation Mobile, so I can play it on my Vita. I bought the game for the 3DS the day it was released and enjoyed it. It was shorter than I expected, but enjoyable none the less.