Is Nintendo's Dependence on Mario Hurting the 3DS?

GotGame: Nintendo’s latest financial reports have come in, and the news was not as good as they’d hoped on the 3DS front. The 3DS has been thriving in Japan, where drastic shifts in game development have damaged the home console market, but Nintendo’s handheld is struggling to gain traction in the Western world. Analysts have placed the blame squarely on competition from Smartphones and Tablets, but part of the problem is Nintendo’s very own mascot, Mario.

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Moonman2652d ago

3DS will be around 29 million by the end of the year, if not more. 3DS launched in 2011. Need I say anymore?

Snookies122652d ago

Yeah, but how many of those sales were Japan's? There was no doubt the 3DS would do better than Vita or ANY other handheld that comes out. It's Nintendo, everyone knows Nintendo. Still, I hope Vita and 3DS thrive in the coming years here and have some amazing games to offer people.

Moonman2652d ago (Edited 2652d ago )

About 6.4 million (as of June 2012) are japan' what? I don't care if half were Japan's. My point is 3DS needed every game that has been released for it to sell what it has sold. And the fact that Super Mario 3D Land is the best selling game so far is NOT a bad thing when the game is pure quality.

Dovahkiin2652d ago

It doesn't matter how many were Japanese sales, sales are sales.

Snookies122652d ago

@Dovahkiin - Read my below comment, I was just wondering... It wasn't anything to slight the 3DS sales.

Snookies122652d ago

I wasn't trying to make a point or anything, I was just asking if you knew how many were sold in Japan lol. Curiosity more than anything really... I haven't played Mario 3D, so I can't personally say how good it was, but yes the 3DS has definitely gotten some good games in the past year or so.

Moonman2652d ago

Cool man, I just was responding to the article that makes no good points. Nintendo has to sell games that smartphones don't offer. Quality that surpasses the average smartphone game. But Mario is in Nintendo's blood. To say that they shouldn't rely on him is like saying maybe McDonald's shouldn't rely on hamburgers. lol

WeAreLegion2652d ago

Oh, shut up. The 3DS is fine.

Jek_Porkins2652d ago

I'll say it this way, if you bought a 3DS because a Mario game was on it, wouldn't you want as much Mario as possible? I sure would. Same for Halo on Microsoft platforms and God Of War on Sony platforms. Anytime you can get a quality game, you take it.

schlanz2652d ago

The more the Mario >_>

Thinking over the last Mario games I played.. Galaxy 1 and 2, 3D Land, Bowser's Inside Story.. yeah I'm fine with more Mario.